RGUHS B.Sc Nursing 1st Year Pharmacology Important Questions Important Questions

RGUHS- B.Sc Nursing First Year Subject : Pharmacology Important Questions (Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences)

Nursing Important Questions
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Long Questions

1. Describe five factors that modify drug action and dose with examples
2. Classify anti cholinergics. Describe the mechanism of action, adverse effects and indications of atropine

3. Enumerate Fluoroquinolones. Write the mechanism of action and therapeutic uses of
4. Classify local anesthetics. Describe the mechanism of action, adverse effects and
therapeutic uses of Lignocaine
5. Classify Non steroidal anti – inflammatory drugs. Describe the mechanism of action,
adverse effects and therapeutic uses of Aspirin
6. Enumerate antitubercular drugs. Write the mechanism of action. Adverse effects and
therapeutic uses Rifampicin


Short Questions

1 Ketamine
2 Placebo
3 Metoprolol
4 Uses and side effects of Chlorphenirmine
5 Radioactive iodine
6 Uterine stimulants
7 Albendazole
8 Streptokinase
9 Oral anticoagulants
10 Drug synergism
11 Antiemetics
12 Principles of management of diarrhea
13 Vitamin D
14 Co-Trimoxazole
15 Zidovudine
16 Cyclosporine
17 Name four drugs used in female Osteoporosis
18 Mention four adverse effects of phenytoin
19 Name four topical antifungal drugs
20 Two uses and two adverse effects of Thiazides
21 What is Tachyphylaxis? Give two examples
22 Mention four uses of Enalapril
23 Name four selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
24 Cetrimide
25 Name four anticancer agents
26 Name two antioxidants
27 Name two non sedative antihistamines and two uses
28 Mention four adverse effects of Atropine
29 Name two alpha blockers and two uses
30 Adrenaline is administered in anaphylactic shock Explain
31 What is teratogenicity? Give two examples
32 What is prodrug? Give two examples
33 Doxycyline ispreferred to tetracycline in patients with renal insufficiency Why?
34 Name four adverse effects of Chloramphenicol
35 Name two aminoglycosides and their two uses
36 Name four antiseptic and disinfectants

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