RGUHS – B.Sc Nursing 1st Year Pharmacology Pathology And Genetics Important Questions

RGUHS- B.Sc Nursing First Year Subject : Pharmacology Pathology And Genetics Important Questions (Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences)

Nursing Important Questions
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Long Questions

1 Classify Antihypertensive drugs. Mention the therapeutic uses and adverse effects of ACE inhibitors
2 Classify Penicillins. Mention the mechanism of action, antibacterial spectrum, therapeutic uses
and adverse effects of amoxicillin
3 What is atherosclerosis? What are the risk factors of atherosclerosis? Add a note on the
complications of atherosclerosis
4 What is the difference between benign and malignant tumour?
Classify Insulins. Mention the therapeutic uses and adverse effects of insulins
5 Enumerate routes of drug administration with examples. Mention the advantages and
disadvantages of oral route
What is thrombosis? Describe the complications of thrombosis
6 What is cirrhosis? Write note on etiopathogenisis of alcoholic cirrhosis


Short Questions

1 Therapeutic uses and adverse effects of corticosteroids
2 Oral contraceptives
3 Diclofenal
4 Metronidazole
5 Prepare ml of in KMNO solu Mention its uses
6 Bronchiectasis
7 Collection of CSF specimen
8 What is hemoglobin? How do you estimate Hb by cyanmethemoglobin method?
9 Vesicular mole
10 Rifampicin
11 Chloroquine
12 Cetrizine
13 Omeprazole
14 How much drug is needed to prepare in adrenaline hydrochloride? Mention four uses of
15 adrenaline
16 hysical examination of urine
17 Bleeding and clotting time
18 Osteo sarcoma
19 Cryptorchidism
20 Mention one therapeutic use (clinical condition) & one important adverse effect of the following
21 Thiazides
22 Chlorpheneramine maleate
23 Salbutamol
24 Chlorpromazine
25 QP Code:
26 Define genetic counseling and two steps taken during the process
27 What are the uses or applications of dermatoglyphics?
28 Name two methods of gene transfer techniques
29 Which are the two types of immunity and what cells are responsible for it?
30 What is the karyotype in turner patients?
31 What is thalassaemia?
32 Methotrexate
33 Metoclopromide
34 Phenytoin
35 Atropine
36 Explain types of twins
37 Name any three factors playing a role in chromosomal aberrations
38 Define Karyotyping
39 What is sex chromatin?
40 Name two differences between mitosis and meiosis cell division
41 Define mutation

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