RGUHS B.Sc Nursing 1st Year Psychology Important Questions Important Questions

RGUHS- B.Sc Nursing Subject : Psychology Important Questions (Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences)

Nursing Important Questions
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Long Questions

1 Define mental health Discuss the characteristics of a mentally healthy person
2 Define psychology Explain the scope of psychology and its relevance to nursing
3 Define personality Explain any one theory of personality development
4 Define Psychology and explain in detail the methods in psychology
5 Explain the theories of emotions
6 What is ego defence mechanism? Explain any two with examples
7 Describe the mechanism of respiration
8 Describe the functions of thyroid hormone Name the diseases of hypo and hyper secretion of
9 thyroid hormone
10 Explain the methods to improve memory
11 Describe the role of the nurse to control emotions in the patient
12 Explain the psychoanalytic theory of personality
13 Describe the mechanism of blood clotting
14 Define arterial blood pressure What are the factors determining blood pressure How is it regulated


Short Questions

1 Causes of forgetting
2 Ego defense mechanism
3 Guidance and counseling
4 Heredity and environment
5 Theories of emotion
6 Classical conditioning
7 Maslow’s need theory
8 Organization of perception
9 The experimental method
10 Types of conflict
11 Stress and adaptation
12 Vulnerable individuals
13 Explain any two branches of psychology
14 Explain factors influencing attention
15 List factors influencing forgetting
16 Explain the various types of learning
17 Types of personality tests
18 Importance of environment in behavior change
19 Psychometric assessment of emotions and attitudes
20 Strategies of promotive and preventive mental health
21 Characteristics and uses of psychological tests
22 Describe the functions of testosterone
23 Name the different types of blood groups Explain Landsteiner’s law
24 Name the conducting tissues of Heart Explain the conduction of electrical impulse in the heart
25 Describe the composition and functions of cerebrospinal fluid
26 Explain the different stages of menstrual cycle
27 Problem solving
28 Defense mechanisms
29 Warning signs of poor mental health
30 Ways to improve thinking
31 Delusions
32 Classification of motives
33 Importance of emotions
34 Indicators of stress
35 Components of personality
36 What is the composition and function of saliva
37 Explain the actions of growth hormone
38 Trace the pathway for pain
39 Describe the mechanism of oxygen transport in blood
40 What is immunity? Explain its types
41 IQ
42 ID
43 Chunking
44 Illusion
45 Aptitude
46 Problem solving
47 Reinforcement
48 Rationalization
49 Learning by insight
50 Attention
51 Write any two definitions of psychology
52 Types of memory
53 Stress
54 Ego
55 Perception
56 Social motives
57 Heredity
58 Adaptation and Coping
59 Geriatric problems
60 Role play
61 Draw a neat diagram of neuron and label it
62 Define cardiac cycle
63 Explain saltatory conduction in Neurons
64 Name the hormones of posterior pituitary gland
65 Mention four functions of skin
66 What is Myopia
67 Draw a neat diagram of neuron & label its parts
68 Enumerate two functions of estrogen

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