RGUHS B.Sc Nursing 1st Year Sociology Important Questions Important Questions

RGUHS- B.Sc Nursing First Year Subject: Sociology Important Questions (Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences)

Nursing Important Questions
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Long Questions

1 Explain the meaning and importance of sociology in nursing profession
2 What is rural community? Distinguish between rural and urban community
3 What do you mean by social stratification? Examine the role of stratification of Indian
4 Define social change Explain the factors of social change
5 Define family Explain the functions of family
6 Discuss the merits and demerits of caste system in India
7 Define marriage and describe forms of marriages
8 Scope of sociology in nursing profession
9 Define caste and explain its features

Short Questions

1 Distinguish between society and community
2 Agencies of socialization
3 Consequences of poverty
4 Forms of marriage
5 Adverse effects of joint family
6 Classification of social groups
7 Health hazards of Alcoholism
8 Competition and conflict
9 Causes of population explosion
10 Agents of socialization
11 Causes of personal disorganization
12 Influence of culture in socialization
13 Importance of heredity and environment Give examples
14 Different forms of marriage
15 Explain social mobility
16 Importance features of primary races
17 How has technology brought changes?
18 Industrialization and its effects of health
19 Characteristics of rural community
20 Urban health problems
21 Folkways and mores
22 Difference between society and community
23 Problems of modern family
24 Technological factors of social change
25 Changes in Indian family
26 Characteristics of culture
27 Agencies of social control
28 Role and status
29 Cultural lag
30 Folkways and mores
31 Social control
32 Role and status
33 Race
34 In – group and out – group
35 Social mobility
36 Senior citizen
37 Gemein schaft and gessel schaft
38 Isolation
39 Mention any change in health caused by education
40 Its effects of illiteracy on health
41 Customs and disease
42 Life style and diseases
43 Fraternal polyandry
44 Substance abuse
45 Isolation
46 Malthusian theory
47 Social pathology
48 Social system
50 Define society
51 Filocenteric family
52 In group & out group
53 Air pollution
54 Women welfare
55 Exogamy
56 Public opinion
57 Define culture
58 Poverty
59 Conflict

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