Download GTU B.Tech 2020 Summer 1st and 2nd Sem 3110002 English Question Paper

Download GTU (Gujarat Technological University Ahmedabad) B.Tech/BE (Bachelor of Technology/ Bachelor of Engineering) 2020 Summer 1st and 2nd Sem 3110002 English Previous Question Paper

Seat No.: ________
Enrolment No.___________
Subject Code: 3110002 Date:04/11/2020
Subject Name: English
Time: 10:30 AM TO 01:00 PM
Total Marks: 70
1. Attempt all questions.

2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.

3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Q.1 (a) Illustrate Derivation as the word formation process.

(b) Differentiate between Blending and Clipping.

(c) Do as directed:

Convert the following Adjectives into Adverbs using Suffixes:

1. Whole
2. True
Give the antonyms of the following words:
3. Balance
4. Conduct
Identify the word formation processes in the following words:
5. Brunch
6. Flu
7. Kleen

Q.2 (a) Complete the sentences using the correct forms of the verbs given in the
1. Ram received a letter that ______ (write) by his friend 30 days ago.
2. Sita
________ (be) living here for 5 years.
3. I _________ (see) him yesterday.

(b) Correct the error of redundancy in the following sentences.
1. It is a true fact.
2. Abhinandan returned back from the training yesterday.
3. I have sufficient enough knowledge to write this paper.
4. Kishan was elected as the group leader unanimously by all members.
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(c) Fill in the blanks with the correct option given in the brackets.

1. He supplied the poor _______ food. (by, with, from)
2. There is no exception ______ this rule (of, on, to)
3. If I ___ the Prime Minister, I would motivate the youngsters. (was,
am, were)
4. Five miles ____ a long distance. (is, are, have)
5. Each of the women has reached the top of __ profession. (their, her,
6. I arrived in __ USA last Monday. (the, a, an)
7. There is too _____ noise in the street. (much, more, many)


(c) Fill in the blanks with the correct option given in the brackets.
1. She prefers tea ________ coffee. (with, to, over)
2. He is dependent _________ his parents. (in, on, it)
3. We __________ to serve your aged parents. (ought, must, should)
4. The bed and breakfast ___ charming. (was, were, had)
5. All of the jewelry has lost ___ glow. (their, her, its)
6. I watched _____ video you had sent to me. (the, a, an)
7. ____of the city was without electricity last night. (many, more, most)
Q.3 (a) Identify the following sentences as simple, compound, and complex.
1. Professor Rao's smart students completed and turned in their
2. After eating lunch at La'Villa, Jim went to the gym to exercise.
3. They spoke to him in French, but he responded in English.

(b) Rewrite the following sentences using correct punctuation marks.
1. i l
ike playing with my friends sanjay amit and ram
2. ramya said to titiksha rashmi is a nice girl
3. please lend me your pen sir
4. the following are the primary colors red blue and yellow

(c) Explain the organizing principles of paragraphs in documents.


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Q.3 (a) Identify the underlined clauses as Independent clause, Dependent clause

or No clause.
1. While walking at the park, Kush saw a raccoon eating potato chips.
2. Although it was raining, Riya went for a jog at the park.
3. Before completing the assignment, Rehan decided to eat a quick

(b) Illustrate the use of the following punctuation marks:
1. Semi Colon
2. Parentheses

(c) Write a paragraph on `After effects of Pandemic COVID-19'

Q.4 (a) Explain the term ? Classifying as a style of writing.

(b) Illustrate the ways of Describing.

(c) Write the phonetic transcription of the following words. (Any Seven)
1. Shirt
2. Choose
3. Brother
4. Juice
5. Green
6. Laughter
7. There
8. Clear
9. Juggle
10. Free


Q.4 (a) Write the importance of Defining.

(b) Differentiate between introduction and conclusion in a paragraph.

(c) Write the correct word of the following transcribed words. (Any Seven)
1. / ta/
2. / fav/
3. / jel/
4. / dinz/
5. / fes/
6. / f?/
7. / teri/
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8. /ni:/

9. / ?pl/
10. / fl/

Q.5 (a) Read the following paragraph and answer the questions that follow.
Of all the trees of southern Asia, the banyan is unique, not only for the
manner of its growth, but for the area of shade it provides from the burning
sun. Its close relationship with man has evolved over the years to make the
banyan a popular meeting place, a focal point of worship and a source of
practical materials for commerce.
Known as the `strangler fig' because of its unusual manner of growth, the
banyan is an epiphyte or air plant, that has its birth in the branches of a host
tree and lives on airborne moisture and nutrients. Banyan seeds are
deposited by birds, bats or monkeys in the rich soil collected in the crevices
of host-tree branches.
As the banyan grows, it sends aerial roots down the trunk of the supporting
tree. In time, the roots that reach the ground choke the host tree by
preventing its trunk from enlarging. The two best known species of banyans
are: The Indian (Ficus benghalensis), one of the world's largest tropical
trees; and the Chinese (Ficus retusa), a smaller species with fewer aerial

1. What are the two ways in which the banyan tree is unique?
2. Why is it called the `strangler fig'?
3. Find the a
ntonym of the word `terrestrial'.

(b) Write a warning memo to employees of your organization who have
habit of taking frequent breaks during working hours.

(c) You are Atishi. You bought a pair of shoes from the Liberty Shoe
House, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad. On unpacking them, you found that
the shoes were damaged. Now write a letter of complaint to the
Manager of the Liberty Shoe House asking for replacement at their
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Q.5 (a) Make a pr?cis in about 1/3 of the following passage.
Discipline is of the utmost importance in student life. If the young students
do not obey their superiors and go without discipline, they will be deprived
of much of the training they should have at this period and in the future,
they will never be able to extract obedience from others in society. Society
will never accept them as persons fit for commanding and taking up any
responsible positions in life. So all the students must observe discipline in
the preparatory stage of their life. A college without discipline can never
impart suitable education to students. The rule of discipline in the
playground and the battlefield as well plays a very important role. A team
without discipline may not fare well despite good players for want of mutual
understanding and cooperation. In any army, everyone from the rank of the
general down to the ranks of an ordinary soldier must observe discipline. In
case a soldier does not obey his immediate superior, the army becomes a
rabble - quite unfit for the achievement of the common ends of war. At first
sight, it may appear to us that discipline takes away individual liberty. But
on analysis, it is found that it does not do so, for liberty is not license. We
find disciplined liberty at the root of all kinds of human happiness.
(b) As a Store Officer, Tapti College, Surat, place an order for (at least 4 items)
college furniture. Write a letter to Lloyd & Co., Furniture Manufacturers,
(c) Illustrate the importance of Email etiquette.
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