Download MBBS UHS Lahore 1st Year Physiology I MCQ Question Paper

Download MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) UHS Lahore (University of Health Sciences Lahore) 1st Year Physiology I MCQ Previous Year Question Paper




(Multiple Choice Questions)


A baby was born with erythroblastosis fetalis. Her blood group was A+. For

the exchange transfusion, the baby must receive blood with the group:

a) A-

b) B-

c) A+

d) B+

e) AB-


In a young female having iron deficiency, her blood tests show

hemoglobin=8g/dl, MCV=75 fl, MCH=26 pg, MCHC= 28 g/dl. The type of

anaemia she is suffering from:

a) Hypochromic normocytic.

b) Hypochromic microcytic.

c) Normochromic normocytic.

d) Normochromic microcytic.

e) Normochromic macrocytic.


Mr. A was suffering from high grade fever and sore throat. He consulted an

ENT specialist who diagnosed him to have acute tonsillitis. He was advised

to have complete blood picture done. The total leucocyte count in his blood

picture was likely to be:

a) 4,000/?l.

b) 6,000/?l.

c) 8,000/?l.

d) 10,000/?l.

e) 14,000/?l.


A man is performing exercise. His heart rate increases due to sympathetic

stimulation. This effect is due to increased permeability of the SA nodal

fiber membrane to:

a) Bicarbonate.

b) Chloride.

c) Chloride and sodium.

d) Calcium and sodium.

e) Sodium and potassium.


A young man weighing 70 kg has body surface area=1.7 square meter and

cardiac output at rest=5.5 L/minute. His cardiac index (L/min/m2) will be


a) 2.

b) 2-5.

c) 4.

d) 3.

e) 5.


A navy worker remained in deep sea for about 8 hours. He came to the

surface of sea rapidly against the standard protocol. Some time after his

ascent to the sea level, he developed certain complaints which were due to:

a) Gas mixture which he was breathing in deep sea.

b) Exposure to the atmosphere.

c) Low pressure in the atmosphere.

d) Formation of nitrogen bubbles in his body.

e) Toxicity of carbon dioxide.

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