Download MBBS OSCE Medicine Spotters Clinical Examination 4

Download MBBS OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) Medicine Spotters Clinical Examination 4

Attempt all question

Answer only what is asked !!
50 years old female presented with fatigue, exertional

shortness of breath and orthopnea.

On clinical examination:
The apex beat was displaced laterally.
S1 was soft,
Grade III Holosystolic murmur was prominent at the

apex which radiated to the axilla.

1. what is the most probable diagnosis?
2. write three most important complications?
? 55 years old male presented with acute

attack of pain over the left foot. On
examination the patient had inflamed red
metatarso-phallengeal joint.

? His serum uric acid level = 9.1 mg/dl
? 1. What is the complete diagnosis?
? 2. Write the treatment of choice ?
? Write treatment protocol for :
? Emergency management of generalized

tonic clonic seizure.
? Write the drugs used as chemotherapy for
? Non- Hodgkin's lymphoma.


Name the instrument ?

2. Write the use ?

3. Mention the most important complication

Identify the instrument.
Mention the standard size used in adults.
Write two important complications?

Write the x ray findings ?
Write the X-ray findings ?

Mention the most common cause ?

Write the ECG interpretation?
Write your ECG findings ?

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