Download OU BA 2nd Year Common to All 10051 Principles of Insurance 2019 Dec Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania University) BA (Mass Comm & Journalism) 2019 December 2nd Year Common to All 10051 Principles of Insurance Previous Question Paper

Time: 1% Hours
Code Ha. 1??51
H.Com. Ill ? Semester {CBCSJ Examination, November 4' December 2019
(Common Paper for Genera
HCom utersICnm uterA ?cations!
Advertising! Foreign p p pp
Trade and Tax Procedure Coursuj
Subject: Principles of Insurance
Paper Code ? BC - 3D1 Skill Enhancement Cnurse - I
MaxJ?u?larks: 4D
PART ? A {215 =10 Marks]
[Short Answer Type}
Nata: Answer any two of the following questinns not exceeding one page each.
Differentiate between Reinsurance and 1nsurance
Web Aggregaturs
Principle of Utmost Gned Faith
Group Life Insurance
PART - B {2x15 = 31] Marks}
[Essay Amwer Type]
Nate: Answer all the questions.
a} What is Risk? EprTII-n briefly the different types of risks.
b} What are the bene?t? or advantages derived from Intermediaries?
a} Eri?fl'f explain t'nu procedure of Settlement 01? Death and Ma'Jrily Claims of Life
DR .
b] What are'the major types of Group Insurance Schemes? Expiam.

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