Download OU BA 2018 2nd Year 10347E Broadcast Journalism Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania University) BA (Mass Comm & Journalism) 2018 2nd Year 10347E Broadcast Journalism Previous Question Paper

. 9-? '
, ' Code No. 10347! E
:? B. A. ll ? Year IV - Semester (CBCS) Examination. Maleune 2018
Subject : Communication Journalism
Paper- IV : Broadcast Journalism
Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 80
Note: Answer FIVE questions from Part - A and all questions from Part ? 8.
PART - A (5X4=20 Marks)
(Short Answer type)
All India Radio
Television Networks
World Wide Web 1 , .
Prasar Bharathi 1 "? ?
Radio Programme formats "" "
Electronic Field Production
Public Service Message
Non-Linear Editing.
b) Discuss the contribution of All India . to rural development in India.
M?QWMQ Rahef?aw. In planning and producing a programme.
b) Describe radio prodWw c w and their functions.
11. a) Describe the teleit??lqp studio and the equipment used in it.
? OR
b) Explainmree-?omt lighting.
12. a) El Fete ?e Elements of the television production.
C? 0R
b) Walgre the differences between story board and script?
13. a) Explain the Linear and Non-Linear editing features and techniques.
b) Write a three minute script on Right to Education for TV documentary.

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