Download OU BA 2017 3rd Year 1437 Entrepreneurship Development and Enterprise Management Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania University) BA (Mass Comm & Journalism) 2017 3rd Year 1437 Entrepreneurship Development and Enterprise Management Previous Question Paper

Code No. 1437
B.A. (Vocational) III ?- Year Examination, March I April 2017
Subject : Communicative English
Paper ? Vi
Entrepreneurship Development and Enterprise Management
Time : 3 hours k Max. Marks : 75
. 5 lDBIstandge? r W
6 7
Read the following case and answer thequestions that follow. Answer should
not exceed 75 lines in all. 25 Marks
Mrs Sudha had designed an electric room heater that warms thegr am 9%ry quickly and
consumes very little electricity Now, she wants to manufgggr?lg 1 room heaters in
large scale.
1 How will she formulate the project?
2 What will be her sources of finance?
3 What entrepreneurial skills should Shea?
Fill in the blanks.
Primary sector is
10 x 1 = 10 Marks
Maximum social welfa the features of ecohomy.
Technical analysis 1 a
NABARD stands for
9 Copyright denotes
10 SFC stands for

Code ?No. 1437 ,
l/ll-VExplain the following diagram in about 30 lines. 1 x 10 = 10 Marks
q, mesucmmwmszg
; _ ,.
/ w
mm /? emmmmmea f? , :
0': ' mm? 3:43;?- M22: .
sz?esreae EXECW?zzE .
1 Exmein? {e role of liberalization, privatisation and globalization (LPG) in economic
" What are the important characteristics of an entrepreneur?
Explain the functions of SIDO.
/57 What are EDPs and whom are they useful for?
,6 Explain the concept of small scale industry.
Ahswer any ONE of the following in about 45 lines. 1 x 15 = 15 Marks
" 1 Explain the problems of women entrepreneurs. How can they be solved?
2 Explain the role of public sector in accelerating development.
3 Explain the role of industrialization in the process of economic development.

?Zo?hihr'?? ?063
Code No. 1436
For about two weeks this month, the planes are training together against a mock
enemy, represented by ?eets of US F-153 and T?38 training jets.
?It?s fabulous, ?said Marco, a Rafale pilot who is not allowed to provide his full name.
The Rafaie ? the name means gust of wind ? is the French military?s signature
fighter. ?
?For us French, it?s the first time we?ve really worked in integration with the F ? 22
Raptor?, Macro added.
The F ? 22 is a feat of US technology. The sleek, stealthy craft b ?
and advanced weapons systems, and the US military closely gu
es with sensors
Each air force takes turns commanding the mission.
Even among these three allied nations, the air forces are .at:
much about the capabilities of their flagship planes.
not to reveal too
General Frank Gorenc, the commander of US Air Fogce Europe, said there is V
considerable proliferation of air ? defense systems on the continent.
He was referring to Russia?s air ? defe that could restrict access to the
skies over the Baltic or the Biack Se
Washington last month expres yd concerns after Russia deployed advanced 8-400
anti-airoratt missiles to Latakia " rthwestern Syria, in a move that came after
Turkey shot down a Russiam? 'et in the increasingly crowded air space along
the Syrian border'.
And China, too, ha u??gst?eady investments in anti?aircraft defense systems,
again raising eyebrowsgn Washington.
The training?exem?'se ?- which was iaunched in 2010 ? comprises six F ? 22 Raptors,
eight Typhd?tihs and six Rafales, as well as two Awacs surveiilance planes and two
air tankers. Th training mission wraps up on December 18. '
Sir q?ndrew Pulford, the Royai Air Force chief of staff, said it represented an
important opportunity for pilots to regain their air ? defense skills after tong periods
spent fighting enemies ? such as the Taliban or ISIS jihadists ? who have no air
?After 10 years of Afghanistan and Iraq, some ofthose high-end skills have actually
drifted away from us._This exercise is an important part of that journey of recovering
our high ? end capabilities,? he said.

Code No. 1436
WC to rank all universities, irks watchdogs.
BENGALURU: In a controversial overreach, the University Grants Commission
(UGC) has said it wili rank aii institutions across the country. Private coiiege and
universities will come under the ratings ambit.
Predictably, the move has annoyed other regulatory bodie
engineering) MCI (medical), NATA (architecture) and the
authority. This is the first time the UGC has set out
like AiCTE (for
(own statutory
Having come up with a National Institution Raf . mework (NIRF) for
universities and colleges the UGC has directed all? \tutions to participate In the
ranking exercise by registering themseives on NIRF 3 websites. it wiii announce
the rankings in April 2016
The move has created confusion am; 'Ied ationists in Karnataka. Just a few
months ago, they point out, the 'tha ka State Higher Education Councii had
decided to rank and rate universit
?regarding NiRF the UGC said, ?The best learning
Ironment is the uitimate objective of every institution.
? highiighted when institutions are constantly
adjudged on the b xoelience in teaching and learning, excellence in
research and inayn va e and excellence in engagement. institutions are also
expected to proyide nSpIring learning and iiving environment on their campuses.
These are some parameters which are looked into by students and parents whilst
making an Informed choice of pursuing a program in any institution of higher
In its directive to universiti
experience in the ideai '
This objective becg
?stitutions, the UGC has set different parameters under NIRF.
R????C?handrashekara, secretary of the Forum of Former Vice-chancellors of
Karnataka State Universities, told TOI that ranking institutions at the national
level is difficult Since NAAC grades universities, NiRF is not required State- level
committees are enough to rate universities and colieges.
?Does NIRF have sufficient manpower to assess and rank all institutions in the
country?? Chandrashekara asked.

Code No. 1436
?Use any one of the following visuals to make a news item for telecast : (1x10=10)
{m :B??ti?ai: ma?a?.

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