Download OU BA 2017 3rd Year 1492E Media and Development Question Paper

Download OU (Osmania University) BA (Mass Comm & Journalism) 2017 3rd Year 1492E Media and Development Previous Question Paper

Code No. 1492 I E .
BA. HI ? Year Examination, March I April 2017
Subject: Journaiism
Paper - IV
Media and Development
Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 100
PART ? A (5x5 = 25 Marks)
Note: Answer the following in not exceeding 100 reg gach.
1 a) Genderand media
_ OR
b) Environmental issues in media
2 a) Population as a problem
b) Youth and aged population
3 a) Unemployment in times of receSSIo-
b) Skiiis Vs Education
4 a) Field visits
' b) Extension comnjiji?a ca
5 a) Agricuiture programmes In India
b) Devgiopm ntai Issues in media.
PART? B (5x15: 75 Marks)
ote: Answer the following in not exceeding 300 words each.
6 a) What do we mean by human deveiopment? ls India lagging behind In it? Discuss.
I b) Mining In tribal areas has been a source of conflict. Why shouid it be? Discuss.
7 a) Do you think that there is adequate coverage of developmental issues in printmedia'
today? Discuss.
I b) is industrial development happening at the cost of agricultural development?
Explain. ?

.9 a)
10 a)
Code No. 1492 I E
Discuss in detail at least 2 successfui welfare programmes of Telangana
Government" In recent times.
What are the different agencies of the government that help in deveiopmental
activities of the State? Explain.
Write about any recent story that you have read on any devel issue.
? OR
Does radio still have a role In broadcasting developm
FM? Discuss. ?9
ogrammes in this age of
Write a short feature article on the spread of HINI virus In the city-
OR ..
What steps can the government take to maKeMission Kakatiya more participative?

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