Download JNTUK MBA 3rd Sem 2018 Nov RI6MBA306F2 Banking And Insurance Question Paper

Download JNTUK (JNTU-Kakinada) MBA New folder RI6MBA306F2 Banking And Insurance Question Paper.

Narasaracpeta Engineering College

Subjt Code: RI6MBA306F2
MBA - III Semester Regular and Supplementary Examinations, November-
Time: 3 hours Max Marks: 60
Question Paper Consists of Part-A and Part-B.
Answering the question in Part-A is Compulsory & Four Questions should be answered from Part-B
All questions carry equal marks of 12.
1 X 12 = 12
1. X is a policy holder in an insurance company and nominates Y as his nominee. Before the
maturity of policy Y dies. On the maturity of the policy Y's heirs claim the policy money from the
company. How would you dide?
4X 12 = 48
2. ' define a bank? What are commercial banks? Discuss the role of commercial banks in the
onomic development of a country?
' define NPA's? What are the4 causes of NPAs? Explain the rovery process of NPAs?
4. (a) state the need to regulate bank capital?
(b) write short notes on BASEL accord?
5. (a) what is retail banking? Discuss the scope of retail banking?
(b) Write a short notes on NEFT and its working process?
6. (a) Explain the role of insurance agents and brokers?
(b) Explain the functions and types of insurers?
7. " Life Insurance contract provisions bestow certain rights and privileges and impose
duties on the policy owner and the beneficiary". Elucidate the above statement.
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