Download MBBS 1st Year MCQs 2023 November 526054 Physiology Paper II Previous Question Paper

Download A Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) 1st Year (First Year) MCQs 2023 November 526054 Physiology Paper II Previous Question Paper || MGR MBBS 2023 nov 1st Year question papers

[MBBS 1123] NOVEMBER 2023 Sub. Code : 6054


(For the candidates admitted from the Academic Year 2019-2020)



Q.P. Code: 526054

Time: 30 Minutes

Maximum : 20 Marks

Answer All Questions

Choose one correct answer in the box provided in the Answer Script. No overwriting
should be done. Choice should be given in Capital Letters.

III. Multiple Choice Questions:

(20 x 1 = 20)

1. Prepotential is due to:

A) Voltage gated sodium channels B) Delayed closure of potassium channels
C) Long lasting calcium channels D) None of the above

2. ___________ acts as a primer pump.

A) Atria B) Ventricles C) Bundle of His D) Purkinjie fibers

3. Cardiotachometer is an instrument used to diagnose

A) Sinoatrial block B) Sinus arrhythmia
C) Premature ventricular contraction D) Premature atrial contraction

4. The phenomenon of "Overdrive suppression" is seen in

A) Stokes Adam's syndrome B) Wolf Parkinson White syndrome
C) William's syndrome D) Noonan syndrome

5. Significance of Reynolds number (Re) is to

A) Regulate BP B) Regulate speed of blood flow
C) Determine turbulence in blood flow D) Regulate respiration

6. In cystic fibrosis, Repeated Pulmonary infections occurs due to

A) Streptococcus pneumonia B) Escherchia Coli

C) Pseudomonas aeruginosa D) Klebsiella pneumonia

7. Factors that shift the Oxygen Dissociation Curve to Right

A) Decreased CO2 B) Decreased temperature

C) Increased 2,3 BPG D) Decreased hydrogen ion

8. Biot's breathing occurs due to

A) Lesion in Medulla oblongata B) Severe cardiac failure

C) Diabetic Ketoacidosis D) Lesion in Pons

... 2 ...

... 2 ...

9. Cyanide poisoning causes death due to

A) Respiratory depression B) Brainstem depression
C) Destruction of cytochrome oxidase D) Circulatory collapse

10. Dyspnea occurs at rest, when Dyspnoeic Index is reduced to

A) < 80% B) <90% C) <60% D) <70%

11. Type of fibre responsible for carrying motor signals to muscle spindle

A) A B) A C) A D) A

12. Types of muscarinic cholinergic receptors present in CNS are

A) M1, M4, M5 receptors B) M2, M4, M5 receptors
C) M3, M4, M5 receptors D) M1, M2, M4 receptors

13. A receptor that never fully adapts is

A) Pacinian corpuscle B) Meissner corpuscle
C) Ruffini corpuscles D) Baroreceptors

14. Corticospinal and corticobulbar tract neurons are located in _________ of cerebral cortex

A) Layer III B) Layer IV C) Layer V D) Layer I

15. Herpes virus infects __________________.

A) Dorsal root ganglion B) Otic ganglion
C) Pterygopalatine ganglion D) Ciliary ganglion

16. The rate of impulses generated from the vestibular hair cells in resting condition is

A) 200/sec B) 100/sec C) 300/sec D) 400/sec

17. Higher intellectual functions are linked to

A) Limbic system B) Parietal lobe C) Prefrontal cortex D) Motor cortex

18. Distorted sense of smell is called as

A) Apraxia B) Anosmia C) Parosmia D) Ageusia

19. Other name for Reissner Membrane

A) Basilar membrane B) Vestibular membrane

C) Tympanic membrane D) Tectorial membrane

20. Loss of accommodation in old age is called

A) Myopia B) Cataract C) Emmetropia D) Presbyopia.


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