Download MBBS 1st Year 526053 Physiology Paper I Mcqs 2023 January Question Paper

Download MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) 1st Year (First Year) 526053 Physiology Paper I Mcqs 2023 January Previous Question Paper | MBBS

[MBBS 0123] JANUARY 2023

Sub. Code : 6053


(For the candidates admitted from the Academic Year 2019-2020)



Q.P. Code: 526053

Ti: 30 Minutes

Maximum : 20 Marks

Answer All Questions

Choose one correct answer in the box provided in the Answer Script.

No overwriting should be done. Choice should be given in Capital Letters.

III. Multiple Choice Questions:

(20 x 1 = 20)

1. Regression of tissues as in uterine regression after pregncy is a function of

A) Nucleus B) Lysosos

C) Secretory Vesicles D) Peroxisos

2. Blood clotting is an example for

A) Positive feedback B) Negative feed back
C) Delayed negative feedback D) Adaptive control

3. Which of the following attaches cells to the basal lami?

A) Zo occludens B) Desmosos

C) Hemidesmoso D) Claudin

4. What percentage of the total blood volu is plasma?

A) 3.5% B) 45% C) 55% D) 92%

5. The plasma proteins exert an oncotic pressure of about

A) 5 mm Hg B) 10 mm Hg C) 15 mm Hg D) 25 mm Hg

6. Which of the following protein transports cell-free hemoglobin?

A) Albumin B) Haptoglobin C) Hemopexin D) Transferrin

7. Which of the following muscle cannot be tetanized?

A) Skeletal muscle B) smooth muscle C) Cardiac muscle D) All the above

8. The end plate potential is characterized by

A) Propagation B) All or none law C) Depolarization D) Hyperpolarization

9. Which one of the following acts postsypticall y, blocking the nicotinic Acetylcholine

receptors and preventing the excitation of the muscle cell mbrane?

A) Botulinum toxin B) Curare C) Neostigmine D) Tetrodotoxin

10. Slow waves in the GIT are believed to be initiated by

A) I cells B) K cells C) Interstitial cells of Cajal D) S cells

... 2 ...

... 2 ...

11. Acidification of bile occurs in the

A) Liver B) Hepatic ct C) Gall bladder D) odenum

12. Fructose is transported across the apical mbrane of enterocyte by


13. What fraction of filtered water is reabsorbed in the loop of Henle?

A) 15% B) 25%

C) 35% D) 5%

14. The diuretic that acts by inhibiting Carbonic anhydrase activity exerts its effect in

A) Proximal tubule B) Loop of Henle C) Distal tubule D) Collecting ct

15. Destruction of sensory nerve fibers to the bladder leads to

A) Atonic bladder B) Neurogenic bladder

C) Hypertonic bladder D) Automatic bladder

16. Which of the following cell is responsible for bone resorption?

A) Osteoblasts B) Osteocytes C) Osteoclasts D) Hematopoietic stem cell

17. All the following increases Growth hormone secretion Except

A) Stress B) Fasting C) Exercise

D) Cortisol

18. The Syndro of ippropriate ADH

secretion (SIADH) is characterized by

A) Low ADH levels B) Decrease in blood volu
C) Low blood pressure D) Low serum osmolarity

19. Double Bohr effect occurs in

A) Lungs B) Tissues C) Placenta D) Brain

20. Which of the following is not true about Progesterone?

A) Proce ct growth in the breasts
B) Stimulates the developnt of lobu

les and alveoli in the breast.

C) Is thermogenic
D) Has an antiestrogenic effect on the myotrial cells.


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