Download RGUHS BNYS 2019 October 1st Year 2530 Philosophy of Naturopathy Question Paper

Download RGUHS (Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences) Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences (BNYS) 2019 October 1st Year 2530 Philosophy of Naturopathy Previous Question Paper

Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences

I Year B.N.Y.S Degree Examination ? OCT-2019

Time: Three Hours

Max. Marks: 80 Marks


QP Code: 2530

(QP contains two pages)

Your answers should be specific to the questions asked.

Draw neat, labeled diagrams wherever necessary.

(Note - Answer Section?A and Section?B in separate answer booklets)

Section - A

Multiple Choice Questions

10 X 1 = 10 Marks


Father of facial diagnosis

a) Henry lindlahr
b) Bernard jenson

c) Louis kuhne
d) Bendict lust


Among these which has antimicrobial effect

a) Green
b) Blue

c) Yellow
d) Red


Medical oath was given by

a) Hippocrates

b) S.J Singh
c) Benedict lust

d) Henry lindlahr


Father of chiropractise

A) Macfedden

B) Emanuel felke
C) Daniel David palmer

D) John Wesley


Prayer in a day
a) Once

b) Thrice
c) Twice

d) None of the above


G od of ancient Greece

a) Paracelsus

b) Aesculapius
c) Aesculpidus
d) Hippocrates


Fraction of stomach to be left for liquid

a) 1/4
b) 1/3

c) 1/2
d) 3/4


Rhythm method is practised to prevent

A) Gastritis
b) Obesity

c) Pregnancy
d) Hypertension


Panchatantra written by

a) Venkat rao
b) Mahatama Gandhi

c) S J Singh
d) Lakshman Sharma

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Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences

10. Father of ancient iridology

a) Daniel david palmer
b) lgnatz von peczley

c) Henry lindlahr
d) Anton Von Mesmer

Section B

LONG ESSAYS (Answer any two)

2 X 10 = 20 Marks

11. Immunity and how to improve it naturally
12. Basic principles of naturopathy
13. Ritu charya

SHORT ESSAYS (Answer any ten)

10 X 5 = 50 Marks

14. Foreign matter theory
15. Green color ? its characteristics, indications and contraindications
16. Acute crisis in relation with health and diseases
17. Natural food
18. Acupuncture
19. Western basic principles
20. Shareera dharmas
21. Diagnostic procedure-chromo diagnosis
22. Natural Family planning
23. Unity of diseases
24. Nature cure is in conformity with constructive principles or not, justify
25. Physical hygiene in relation with health and diseases

* * * * *

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