Download PTU B.Tech 2021 Jan CE 7th Sem 71879 Bridge Engineering Question Paper

Download PTU (Punjab Technical University) B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) / BE (Bachelor of Engineering) 2021 January CE 7th Sem 71879 Bridge Engineering Previous Question Paper

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Total No. of Pages : 02
Total No. of Questions : 18
B.Tech. (CE) (2012 to 2017) (Sem.?7)
Subject Code : BTCE-820
M.Code : 71879
Time : 3 Hrs. Max. Marks : 60
1 .
SECT ION-A is COMPULSORY cons is ting of TEN questions carrying TWO marks
2 .
SECT ION-B c ontains F IVE questions c arrying FIVE marks eac h and s tud ents
have to atte mpt any FOUR q ues tions.
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SECT ION-C contains THREE questions carrying T EN marks e ach and s tudents
have to atte mpt any T WO questio ns.
Write briefly :
Discuss various types of abutments.
Define `scour depth' and `afflux', essential in determination of design discharge.
List the loads to be considered in the design of plate girder bridge.
Describe culverts and draw sketch of box culvert.
What are the causes of bridge failure?
Describe the fixed bearing and elastomeric bearing.
Differentiate between balanced cantilever bridges and continuous girder bridges.
Discuss the different loading causes for the design of a single rent R.C pipe culvert.
Write short note on `choice of a bridge type'.
10. What are the methods of construction of concrete and steel bridges?
11. Explain the class A and B loading as per IRC.
12. Discuss about the various forces acting on the "Suspension Bridge". Also define the
"Economical Span".
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13. What is a bridge foundation? Explain it with neat sketch. What are the various function
and types of foundation?
14. A reaction of 2000kN is expected at a support of 20m spanned T-Beam Bridge. Design a
rocker and roller bearing. The details are :
Allowable pressure on roller: 6 N/mm2
Bearing pressure on rocker pin: 25 N/mm2
Allowable pressure on concrete bed block: 3 N/mm2
15. What are the functions of bearings in bridges? Sketch an elastomeric bearing and mark its
16. Draw a typical view of a box culvert. Also discuss why the box culverts are economical.
Explain in detail the steps of designing of the following for a box culvert :
a) Loads and reaction of box culvert
b) Hydraulic design of box culvert
c) Structural design of box culvert
17. The foundation for substructure of a bridge construction of 18 piles to carry a total load
of 8500 kN. The piles are spaced at 1.5m. They are driven through soft ground to a hard
stratum available at a depth of 12m. Design the pile foundation using M20 grade concrete
and Fe 415 grade steel.
18. Using the following particulars, design a plate girder bridge for a broad gauge track :
Span: 20m
To level of the railway embankment: 120m
Bed level of the stream: 110m
G.L suitable for foundation: 100m
Stream bond top level: 101.50m
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