Download B.Pharm 3rd Year 2014 February 564262 Medical Chemistry I Question Paper

Download B.Pharmacy (Bachelor of Pharmacy) 3rd Year (Third Year) 2014 February 564262 Medical Chemistry I Previous Question Paper





Sub. Code: 4262



Q.P. Code: 564262

Time: Three Hours

Maximum: 100 marks

I. Elaborate on:


1. a) Classify local anaesthetics with examples. Write the synthesis for
procaine and dibucaine.

b) Explain the structure activity relationship of barbiturates.

2. a) What is prodrug. Explain the various applications of prodrug design with
suitable Examples.

b) Explain the following physicochemical properties relation to
biological activity of drugs.

I. Chelation

II. Hydrogen bonding

II. Write notes on:


1. Write a brief note on phase II biotransformation pathway.
2. Outline the synthesis and mechanism of action of acetazolamide.
3. Describe the synthesis and clinical uses of diphenhydramine hydrochloride,

promethazine hydrochloride.

4. Classify general anaesthetics with examples and write the synthesis of


5. Explain the adnergic blocking agents and give the synthesis of propranolol.
6. Explain isosterism and steric effect.
7. Write the synthetic route for anyone narcotic analgesic compoun
8. Write the structure and mechanism of action of carbamazipine and


III. Short Answers on:


1. Prostaglandins
2. Define anti-tussive agent with examples.
3. Enumerate the biosynthesis of nor adrenaline.
4. Write the structure and use of salbutamol and ephedrine.
5. Loop diuretics.
6. H2 receptor antagonist.

7. Give the structure and use of gallamine triethiodide.
8. Write the structure for carbachol, tropicamide.
9. CNS stimulants.
10. Mechanism of action of methohexitol.


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