Schools appeal not to disrupt academics.

The managements of private schools are doing everything they can to conduct classes and quarterly exams for students amidst frequent bandh calls given by Telangana outfits.

Even as the Telangana Joint Action Committee has called for ‘Hydera-bad bandh’ on Friday, private schools have erected posters at their entrances appealing to political parties and T-activists not to disrupt exams since they were trying to complete quarterly exams by September 30 and declare Dasara vacation from October 1 to 9.

The banners and posters prominently displayed slogans like, ‘We are not against Telangana’, ‘Please spare schools and children from bandhs’, ‘Our own Telangana children are affected due to bandhs’, and are a common sight near schools.

Corporate schools owned by managements from Seemandhra have prefixed the word ‘Tel-angana’ on their boards such as ‘Telangana Narayana’, ‘Telangana Sri Chaitanya’ etc.

On Thursday, several schools completed quarterly exams by conducting exams in three subjects on a single day and declared Dasara vacation till October 9.

The CBSE and ICSE schools followed suit, since September 30 is the last working day for them. The schools have been resorting to several methods to complete the syllabus and the exams ahead of the Dasara vacations.

Some schools held classes from 7 am to 11 am, others told students not to wear their uniforms to school. Numerous exams were also held on one day at several schools.

Source : DC

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