Telangana strike fails to log out IT sector.

HYDERABAD: The IT hub of Hyderabad logged into work as usual on Friday, as the Telangana bandh failed to make any serious impact in this part of the city, which largely remained open through the day. While the morning hours were duller than usual, activity picked up by noon with the shops opening up and eateries flashing the ‘open’ sign.

Like the IT companies that kept their offices open, even small vendors were seen braving the threat of a backlash and doing brisk business. Among those who stepped out was vegetable vendor Mohammad Imtiyaz, who planted himself next to a police personnel. “If I don’t do business even for a day, I won’t be able to make my ends meet, hence I cannot afford to sit back home. To protect myself from Telangana agitators, I have decided to sell vegetables only where I have men-in-khaki around,” he said.

It wasn’t just Imtiyaz maneuvering his way around the bandh. Many big companies too devised their own plans to ensure that work is not interrupted on the bandh days. P Bipin Chandra, secretary, IT Industry Association said that Friday’s bandh had minimal impact on the IT industry, since each company had taken steps for unhindered work.

While some companies gave their employees ‘work from home’ option, others shot mails on Thursday evening informing that they would be working just one shift on Friday, cancelling out their evening and night shifts. “We asked employees who commute long distances to reach office, to sit back home and work. We have had a normal productive day,” said an official of an IT major.

Catering to the employees who turned up at work were street side cafes, which were doing brisk business, near Hi Tec City main road. At one point, the cafe owners were threatened by Telangana activists who demanded that the shops be closed immediately. The owners politely relented to the request and closed down, only to reopen a few minutes later after the activists had left.

Except a few such incidents, other eateries and shopping centres in the area remained open. “We did not expect any dip in our customer numbers and so decided to remain open. But we have closed our main entrance and are requesting guests to use the back gate,” said B Ramakrishna, manager of a bustling restaurant.

Source : TOI

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