GITAM goes hi-tech

Photo: C. V. Subrahmanyam
GITAM goes hi-tech
GITAM president M.V.V.S. Murthi with Vice-Chancellor G. Subramanyam after inaugurating a computer network on Saturday. —

VISAKHAPATNAM: A world class computer network consisting of a 10G backbone and served by several gigabit switches and a sophisticated high-end WiFi network covering the entire 100-acre campus of GITAM University with a very high capacity was inaugurated on Saturday.

The network would be managed by the Centre for Advanced Technology Solutions (CATS). President of GITAM University M.V.V.S. Murthi inaugurated the facility in the presence of vice-president V. Seetaramaiah, Vice-Chancellor G. Subramanyam, Pro Vice-Chancellor D. Harinarayana and Registrar M. Potha Raju.

The?network is connected to the Internet at a speed of 1000 Mbps which is also capable of streaming video lectures to thousands of students, according to a GITAM press release. Hyderabad Campus and Centre for Distance Learning are also connected to this network seamlessly making all the campuses to have a unified network. The wired and securely managed WiFi networks together are capable of serving up to 15,000 simultaneous clients. The high-end configuration makes this one of the largest and fastest networks in the country.

Data centre

According to Director of CATS V. Rao Bathina the data centre would control the main information services such as internet connectivity, intranets, LANS, WANS and extranets. The data centre would host an advanced enterprise unified storage system, several blade servers and rack servers that host integrated databases storing the university data.

The servers also host a variety of applications used on the campus. The data centre also contains a high-end core switch, firewalls and ISP standard router with redundant connections connected to Cisco’s Iron Port which filters content accessed by students and staff while also protecting the network against spyware and other web-based threats.

The data center’s temperature is maintained by dual 14 tonne air-conditioning units. ?This makes GITAM hold the best integrated network infrastructure in the State provided by Cisco, a world number one in networking?, said Dr. Rao Bathina.

All the current softwares have been developed and customised exclusively for needs of GITAM University. The human resource management of the university is done with the help of exclusively developed software by the CATS team.

Source: Hindu

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