GTU MBA/MCA Jan 2010 Question papers-Gujarat Technological University


GTU MBA Last 10 Years 2010-2020 Question Papers




MBA Semester-I January – 2010 Remedial Apr-2010
18/01/2010810001-Accounting for Managers (AFM)03/04/2010
20/01/2010810002-Economics for Managers (EFM)05/04/2010
22/01/2010810003-Management Information Systems (MIS)06/04/2010
25/01/2010810004-Managerial Communication (MC)07/04/2010
27/01/2010810005-Organizational Behaviour (OB)08/04/2010
29/01/2010810006-Principles of Management (POM)09/04/2010
01/02/2010810007-Quantitative Analysis (QA)10/04/2010
MCA Semester-I January – 2010
19/01/2010610001-Fundamentals of Programming (FOP)05/04/2010
21/01/2010610003-Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science06/04/2010
23/01/2010610004-Fundamentals of Computer Organization07/04/2010
28/01/2010610005-Database Management Systems ? I08/04/2010
30/01/2010610007-Enterprise Resources & Financial Management09/04/2010

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