GTU BE Syllabus for all Branches – Gujarat Technological University

Degree Engineering – Scheme & Detailed Syllabus
Syllabus Sem. I Sem. II
Mathematics-II Mathematics-III Mathematics-IV Management-I Management-II
Semester-III_IV Teaching Scheme & Syllabus
1Aeronautical Detailed Syllabus16Information Technology Detailed Syllabus
2Automobile Detailed Syllabus17Instrumentation & Control Detailed Syllabus
3Bio-Medical Detailed Syllabus18Marine Detailed Syllabus
4Bio-Technology Detailed Syllabus19Mechanical Detailed Syllabus
5Chemical Detailed Syllabus20Mechatronic Detailed Syllabus
6Civil Detailed Syllabus21Metallurgy Detailed Syllabus
7Computer Detailed Syllabus22Mining Detailed Syllabus
8Electrical & Electronics Detailed Syllabus23Plastic Technology Detailed Syllabus
9Electrical Detailed Syllabus24Power Electronics Detailed Syllabus
10Electronics Detailed Syllabus25Production Detailed Syllabus
11Electronics & Communication Detailed Syllabus26Rubber Technology Detailed Syllabus
12Electronics & Telecommunication Detailed Syllabus27
13Environmental Detailed Syllabus28Textile Production Detailed Syllabus
14Food Processing Technology Detailed Syllabus29Textile Technology Detailed Syllabus
15Industrial Detailed Syllabus31Computer Science & Engineering Detailed Syllabus
32Information & Communication Technology Detailed Syllabus
Detailed Syllabus of Institute Elective-I offered by respective Branch (BE SEM-IV)
Semester-V Teaching Scheme & Syllabus
1Aeronautical16Information Technology
2Automobile17Instrumentation & Control
8Electrical & Electronics23Plastic Technology
9Electrical24Power Electronics
11Electronics & Communication26Rubber Technology
12Electronics & Telecommunication
13Environmental28Textile Production
14Food Processing Technology29Textile Technology
15Industrial31Computer Science & Engineering
Restricted Branches for Institute Elective – II

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