GTU ME Syllabus For All Branches – Gujarat Technological University

SrNo CourseSem-I, IISem-III
1M.E. Computer Science & Engineering Syllabus Syllabus
2M.E. Computer Engineering SyllabusSyllabus
3M.E. Instrumentation and Control (Applied Instrumentation) SyllabusSyllabus
4M.E. Electronics and Communication EngineeringSyllabus Syllabus
5M.E. Communication Systems EngineeringSyllabus Syllabus
6M.E. Communication EngineeringSyllabus Syllabus
7M.E. Electrical EngineeringSyllabus Syllabus
8M.E. Mechanical (CAD/CAM)SyllabusSyllabus
9M.E. Mechanical (Machine Design)Syllabus Syllabus
10M.E. Mechanical (CRYOGENIC ENGG.)Syllabus Syllabus
11M.E. Mechanical (I.C.Engine & Automobile)Syllabus Syllabus
12M.E. Civil ( Water Resources Management)Syllabus Syllabus
13M.E. Civil (Transportation Engineering)Syllabus Syllabus
14M.E. Construction Engineering & ManagementSyllabus Syllabus
15M.E. Civil (CASAD)Syllabus Syllabus
16M.E. Chemical Engineering (Computer Aided Process Design)Syllabus Syllabus
17M.E. Environmental EngineeringSyllabus Syllabus
18M.E. Environmental ManagementSyllabus Syllabus
19M.E. Transportation System EngineeringSyllabusSyllabus
20M.E. Civil (Structural Engineering)Syllabus Syllabus
21M.E. Mechanical (Thermal Engg.)Syllabus Syllabus
22M.E. Digital CommunicationsSyllabus Syllabus
23M.E. Information TechnologySyllabusSyllabus
24M.E. Plastic EngineeringSyllabusSyllabus
25M.E. Textile EngineeringSyllabusSyllabus
26M.E. Signal Processing and VLSI Technology (EC)Syllabus
27M.E. Wireless Communication Systems and Networks (EC)Syllabus
28M.E. Production EngineeringSyllabus
29M.E. Power ElectronicsSyllabus
30M.E. Chemical EngineeringSyllabus
31M.E. Bio-Medical EngineeringSyllabus

Detail Syllabus of Communication and Research Skills

Detail Syllabus of Principles of Management

Detail Syllabus of Entrepreneurship Development

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