GTU- Gujarat Technological University BE (Bachelor of Engineering) 2018 Summer Question Papers

We uploaded all the BE/B.Tech 2018 Summer Question Papers of 1st /2nd Semester, 2nd Semester, 3rd Semester, 4th Semester, 5th Semester, 6th Semester, 7th Semester and 8th-Semester Regulation Gujarat Technological University. These papers are useful to all the engineering colleges which are affiliated to Gujarat Technological University

GTU- Gujarat Technological University BE /B.Tech  2018  Summer Question Papers First And Second Semester (1st/2nd sem)

110001 Chemistry Download
110002 Communication Skills Download
110003 Computer Programming & Utilization Download
110004 Elements Of Civil Engineering Download
110005 Elements Of Electrical Engineering Download
110006 Elements Of Mechanical Engineering Download
110007 Basics Of Environmental Studies Download
110008 Maths I Download
110009 Mathematics Ii Download
110011 Engineering Physics Download
110014 Calculus Download
1990001 2990001 Contributor Personality Development Program Download
2110001 Chemistry Download
2110002 Communication Skills Download
2110003 Computer Programming And Utilization Download
2110004 Elements Of Civil Engineering Download
2110005 Elements Of Electrical Engineering Download
2110006 Elements Of Mechanical Engineering Download
2110007 Environmental Studies Download
2110011 Engineering Physics Download
2110013 Engineering Graphics Download
2110014 Calculus Download
2110015 Vector Calculus And Linear Algebra Download
BSP001 Engineering Physics Download
COS001 Elementary Communication Skills Download
COS002 Intermediate Communication Skills In English Download
CPU002 Computer Programming And Utilization 2 Download
ENG003 Ecology & Environmen Download
ENG004 Mechanics Of Solids Download
ENG005 Linear Electrical Networks Download
MTH001 Calculus Download


GTU-Gujarat Technological University BE/B.Tech 2018 Summer Question Papers 1st-Semester

1025504 Statistical And Quantitative Methods In Planning Ii Download


GTU-Gujarat Technological University BE/B.Tech 2018 Summer Question Papers 2nd-Semester

1025006 Architectural Communication Skills Ii Download
110015 Vector Calculus And Linear Algebra Download
2110016 Basic Electronics Download


GTU-Gujarat Technological University BE/B.Tech 2018 Summer Question Papers 3rd-Semester 

1035005 Environmental Scienec Download
130502 Fluid Flow Operation Download
130505 Chemical Process Industries 1 Download
132103 Mineral Processing Download
133502 Analytical Techniques Download
2130506 Chemical Engineering Materials Download
2132801 Textile Design And Colour Download

GTU-Gujarat Technological University BE/B.Tech 2018 Summer Question Papers 4th-Semester 

140902 Electrical Power Download
142101 Transport Phenomena In Materials Processing Download
142102 Principles Of Extractive Metallurgy Download
142401 Electro Mechanical Energy Conversion Download
1990001 2990001 Contributor Personality Development Program Download
2142003 Control Theory Download
2142407 Electrical Machines And Measurement Download
2143506 Unit Operations I Download
2143608 Mechanical Operations In Chemical Process Industries Download
2144003 Basics Of Transportation Engineering Download


GTU-Gujarat Technological University BE/B.Tech  2018 Summer Question Papers 5th-Semester

150503 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Ii Download
150505 Fundamentals Of Chemical Engineering Unit Operations(Institute Elective Ii ) Download
150703 Design And Analysis Of Algorithms Download
151302 Advanced Environmental Instrumentation Download
152301 Injection Moulding Technologies Download


GTU-Gujarat Technological University BE/B.Tech  2018 Summer Question Papers 6th-Semester

160301 Diagnostic Instrumentation Download
160601 Advanced Construction Technology Download
161304 Biological Process For Wastewater Treatmen Download
162303 Plastic Process Instrumentation And Process Control Download
162304 Reaction Engineering And Rheology Download
162403 Switch Gear And Fault Analysis Download
163101 Operating System Design Download
2160106 Avionics Download
2160107 Airport And Operations Management Download
2160108 Aviation Management Download
2160405 Principles Of Process Engineering Iii Download
2160408 Agriculture And Food Biotechnology Download
2160410 Bioinformatics Department Elective I Download
2160709 Embedded And Vlsi Design Download
2161307 Ground Water Contamination Download
2161407 Food Plant Utilities And Sanitation Download
2161501 Materials Management Download
2161502 Product Development And Value Engineering Download
2161503 Finance Management And Cost Control Download
2161504 Metal Cutting And Advanced Manufacturing Processes Download
2161505 Maintenance And Safety Engg Download
2162103 Powder Metallurgy Download
2162310 Plastic Packaging Technology Download
2162505 Estimating And Costing Download
2162509 Plant Maintenance And Safety Engg. Download
2163201 Operation Research Download
2163203 Engineering Electromagnetics And Wave Progogation Download
2163204 Telecommunication Engineering Download
2163206 Analog And Digital Communication (Ict) Download
2163505 Solid And Hazardous Wastes Characterization And Treatment Download
2163506 Unit Operations II Download
2163507 Environmental Management II Download
2163509 Liquid Effluent Treatment Ii Download
2163601 Medicinal Chemistry I Download
2163602 Compounding And Processing Of Plastics And Rubbers Download
2163604 Technology Of Pigments Download
2163605 Technology Of Solid Dosage Forms And Medicinal Natural Products Download
2163607 Ceramic Coatings Download
2163608 Technology Of Dyeing Download
2163901 Coating Technology Download
2163902 Nanopolymers And Nano Composites Download
2163903 Nanotechnology And Medicine Download
2163904 Non Conventional Energy Sources Download
2163905 Microelectronics And Vlsi Download
2163906 Nanomagnetism And Nanofluids Download
2164001 Design Of Concrete Structures Download


GTU-Gujarat Technological University BE/B.Tech 2018 Summer Question Papers 7th-Semester 

170102 Theory Of Heat Transfer Download
170103 Mechanics Of Composite Materials T Download
170301 Biomechanics Download
170807 Power System Analysis Download
171604 Dot Net Technology (Department Elective I) Download
171702 Programmable Automation Controller Download
171703 Industrial Data Communication Download
172003 Manufacturing Technology Ii Download
172107 Surface Coating Technology (Department Elective I) Download
172205 Rock Slope Engineering Download
172207 Rock Fragmentation Download
172503 Optimization Methods Download
173501 Chemical Process Technology Download


GTU-Gujarat Technological University BE/B.Tech 2018 Summer Question Papers 8th-Semester 

180204 Automotive Hydraulics & Pneumatics (Department Elective Ii ) Download
180502 Petroleum Refining And Petrochemicals Download
180903 Power System Practice And Design Download
181602 Data Compression Download
181605 Service Oriented Computing Download
181701 Control Systems Architecture Download
182006 Machine Vision (Department Elective Ii) Download
182102 Selection Of Materials And Failure Analysis Download
182103 Composite Materials (Department Elective Ii) Download
182207 Geological Exploration Of Mineral Deposits (Department Elective Ii) Download
182303 Nano Technology And Advanced Application Of Plastics Download
182402 Digital Signal Processing Download
182403 Industrial Automation (Department Elective Ii) Download
2180101 Aircraft Design Ii Download
2180102 2180108 Helicopter Engineering Download
2180103 Space Dynamics Download
2180104 Aircraft Control And Navigation(Department Elective Iii) Download
2180105 High Speed Aerodynamics(Department Elective Iii) Download
2180208 Computer Integrated Manufacturing In Automobile Industry(Department Elective Ii) Download
2180408 Biochemical Engineering Ii Download
2180612 Design Of Prestressed Concrete Structures And Bridges(Departmental Elective Iii) Download
2180613 Glass Facade Engineering(Departmental Elective Iii) Download
2180807 Industrial Automation Download
2180913 Advanced Control Systems(Departmental Elective Iii) Download
2181006 Advance Microprocessor(Departmental Elective Iii) Download
2181106 Device Driver And Writing(Departmental Elective Iii) Download
2181501 Project Management Download
2181502 2181507 Management Of Human Resources Download
2181503 Management Information System (Department Elective Iii) Download
2181607 Mutlimedia And Animation(Departmental Elective Iii) Download
2181707 Instrumentation For Agriculture And Food Processing(Departmental Elective Iii) Download
2181708 Automative Instrumentation(Departmental Elective Iii) Download
2181911 Finite Elements Method(Department Elective Ii) Download
2181912 Optimization(Department Elective Ii) Download
2181921 Design For Manufacturing And Assembly(Department Elective Iii) Download
2181922 Automation(Department Elective Iii) Download
2181924 Design Of Heat Exchanger(Department Elective Iii) Download
2181926 Tribology(Department Elective Iii) Download
2182115 Alloy Design (Department Elective Iii) Download
2182302 Polymer Alloys And Blends Download
2182308 Plastic Product Design Download
2182309 2182312 Nano Polymer Technology(Departmental Elective Iii) Download
2182310 2182313 Mold Manufacturing Technology(Departmental Elective Iii) Download
2182401 Power Electronics Applications Download
2182407 Switch Gear And Protection Download
2182408 Programmable Logic Controller For Power Electronics(Departmental Elective Iii) Download
2182602 2182608 Belts Hoses And Footwear Technology (Departmental Elective Iii) Download
2182605 Rubber Product And Process Computer Aided Design Download
2182905 Surface Ornamentation & Fashion Art(Departmental Elective Iii) Download
2182908 Technology Of Denim Manufacturing(Departmental Elective Iii) Download
2183408 Product Design And Development Download
218350 2183512 Environmental Management Iii Download
2183504 Sustainable Development And Green Chemistry (Department Elective Iii) Download
2183507 Design Of Treatment Plants Download
2183508 2183511 Municipal Waste & Sewage Management Download
2183601 Drug Delivery, Biotechnology And Validation Requirement(Department Elective – Ix) Download
2183602 Design And Fabrication Of Molds Download
2183606 Physical Ceramics Download
2183609 Analysis, Applications, Health And Safety Aspects Of Dyes And Pigments(Department Elective – Ix) Download
2183610 Nanoscience Technology And Pharmaceutical Packaging Technology(Department Elective – X) Download
2183611 Recycling And Packaging Of Polymer And Rubber(Department Elective – X) Download
2183612 Advanced Ceramics Download
2183613 Engineering Of Pigmented Dispersion Download
2183901 Nanolithography Download
2183902 Nanotechnology For Advanced Drug Delivery Systems Download
2183904 Nanosensors And Transducers Download
2183906 Industrial Nanotechnology Download
2183907 Chemical Principles Of Self Assembly Systems(Department Elective Iii) Download
2183908 Nanotechnology In Healthcare Download



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