GTU-Gujarat Technological University M-Pharm 2018 Summer Question Papers

We uploaded GTU M.Pharmacy 2018  1st, 2nd And 3rd-Semester Summer Question Papers,  Regulation Gujarat Technological University
These papers are useful to all the  colleges which are affiliated to Gujarat Technological University


GTU-Gujarat Technological University M-Pharm 2018 Summer 1st-Semester Question Papers
910001 Modern Analytical Technique Download
910102 Pharmaceutical Formulation Development And Biopharmaceutics Download
910103 Cellular And Molecular Pharmacology Download
910104 Biological Evaluations And Clinical Research Download
910106 Clinical Pharmacy Practice Download
910202 Industrial Pharmacy Practice Download
910203 Advances In Pharmacology Download
910204 Good Manufacturing And Good Laboratory Practice Download
910206 Clinical And Hospital Pharmacy Download
MAT101T Modern Pharmaceutical Analytical Techniques Download
MCP101T Clinical Pharmacy Practice I Download
MCP102T Pharmacotherapeutics I Download
MCP103T Clinical Toxicology And Pharmacovigilance Download
MCP104T Hospital And Community Pharmacy Download
MPC102T Advanced Organic Chemistry I Download
MPC104T Chemistry Of Natural Products Download
MPH102T Drug Delivery System Download
MPH103T Modern Pharmaceutics Download
MPH104T Regulatory Affairs Download
MPL102T Advanced Pharmacology I Download
MPL103T Pharmacological And Toxicological Screening Methods Download
MPL104T Cellular And Molecular Pharmacology Download
MQA102T Quality Management System Download
MQA103T Quality Control And Quality Assurance Download
MQA104T Product Development And Technology Transfer Download
MRA101T Good Regulatory Practices Download
MRA102T Documentation And Regulatory Writing Download
MRA103T Clinical Research Regulations Download
MRA104T Regulations And Legislation For Drugs Download


GTU-Gujarat Technological University 2018 Summer 2nd-Semester Question Papers

2920102 Novel Drug Delivery System Part I Download
MCP201T Clinical Pharmacy Practice II Download
MCP202T Pharmacotherapeutics II Download
MCP203T Clinical Research and Drug Development Download
MCP204T Quality use of medicines and regulatory affairs Download
MPA201T Advanced Instrumental Analysis Download
MPA202T Modern Bio Analytical Techniques Download
MPA203T Quality Control And Quality Assurance Download
MPG201T Medicinal Plant Biotechnology Download
MPG202T Advanced Pharmacognosy II Download
MPG203T Indian Systems Of Medicine Download
MPG204T Herbal Cosmetics Download
MPT201T Pharmaceutical Production Management And Technology Download
MPT203T Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Download
MPT204T Regulatory Requirements For Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Download
MRA202T Regulatory Aspects Of Hebbal And Biologicals Download
MRA204T Regulatory Aspects Of food And Neutraceuticals Download


GTU- Gujarat Technological University 2018 Summer 3rd-Semester Question Papers

930106 Applied Pharmacotherapeutics II Download



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