PTU M.Tech Power Engineering Question Papers || Punjab Technical University

1st Sem…(M. Tech. Power)

PEE-501 Power System Operation & Control Dec.2009
PEE-502 Advanced Power System Analysis Dec.2009
PEE-503 Advanced Power Electronics Dec.2009
PEE-504 Digital Control Systems Dec.2009
PEE-505 Advanced Electrical Machines Dec.2009
PEE-506 Power System Software Lab

2nd Sem…(M. Tech. Power)

PEE-507 Advanced Mathematics Dec.2009
PEE-508 H.V.D.C. Transmission Dec.2009
PEE-509 Industrial Automation Lab Dec.2009
PEE-514 EHVAC Transmission Dec.2009
PEE Elective-II

3rd Sem…(M. Tech. Power)

PEE- Elective-III
PEE-511 Project
PEE-512 Seminar

4th Sem…(M. Tech. Power)

PEE-600 Dissertation

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