PTU M.Tech Computer Engineering Question Papers || Punjab Technical University

Computer Engg…(M. Tech.)

1st Sem…(M. Tech. Computer)
(CS-501) Advance Software Engineering 2007

(CS-501) Advance Software Engineering May-2008
(CS-503) Net work Security Dec.-2007

(CS-503) Net Work Security May-2008

(CS-503) Net Work Security Dec.2009
(CS-503) Net work Security June-2009
(CS-505) Advanced Computer Architecture System Dec.2009
(CS-505) Advanced Computer Architecture System Dec.-2007
(CS-507) Advanced Database Management System Dec.-2007(CS-507) Advanced Database Management System May-2008
(CS-509) Advanced Programming Language June-2009

(CS-509) Advanced Programming Language Dec.-2007
CS-511 Advanced Software Engineering Lab
CS-513 Advanced Database Management System Lab

2nd Sem…(M. Tech. Computer)

(CS-502) Digital image Processing June-2009

(CS-502) Digital image Processing May-2008
(CS-502) Digital image Processing Dec. 2007
(CS-504) Distributed systems June-2009
(CS-504) Distributed Systems Dec. 2007
(CS-506) Complier Design June-2009

(CS-506) Complier Design Dec. 2007

3rd Sem…(M. Tech. Computer)

CS 523 Project
CS-524 Seminar
CS-Elective -I

4th Sem…(M. Tech. Computer)

CS-500 Dissertation

(CS-508) Natural Language Processing Dec.-2007
(CS-508) Natural Language Processing May-2008
(CS-508) Natural Language Processing Dec.2009
CS-510 Artificial Intelligence
(CS-512) Object Oriented Analysis And Design Using UML June-2009

(CS-514) Software Engineering methodologies June-2009

(CS-514) Software Engineering Methodologies Dec.2009
(CS-516) Embedded Systems June-2009
(CS-518) Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logics June-2009

CS-515 Optimization Techniques
CS-517 Parallel Computing Dec. 2009
(CS-519)Fundamental Concepts Bioinformatics Dec.-2007
(CS-519) Fundamental Concepts Bioinformatics May-2008
(CS-519) Fundamental Concepts Bioinformatics Dec.2009
CS-521 VLSI Design

CS-520 Quantitative Techniques
CS-522 Robotics
CS-524 Object Oriented Programming With Visual Basics. NET
(CS-526) Business Information System Dec.-2007
(CS-526) Business information System May-2008

CS-526) Business Information System Dec. 2009



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