PTU MBA Previous year Question Papers – Punjab Technical University


(MB-101) Principles and Practices of Management Dec.2007
(MB-101) Principles and Practices of Management May-2009
(MB-101)Principles and Practices Management Dec.2009
(MB-102) Organizational Behavior Dec.2007
(MB-102) Organizational Behavior May-2009
(MB-102) Organizational Behavior Dec.2009
(MB-103) Accounting of Management Dec-2007
(MB-103) Accounting of Management May-2009

(MB-103) Accounting of Management Dec.2009
(MB-103) Accounting Management Dec.2009
(MB-104) Quantitative Techniques Dec.2007
(MB-104) Quantitative Techniques May-2008
(MB-104) Quantitative Techniques May-2009
(MB-104) Quantitative Techniques Dec.2009
(MB-104) Quantitative Techniques Dec.2009
(MB-105) Managerial Economics Dec-2007
(MB-105) Managerial Economics May-2009

(MB-105) Managerial Economics Dec.2009
(MB-105) Managerial Economics Dec.2009
(MB-106) Seminar on Executive Communication
(MB-107) Workshop on Computers for Management
(MB-108) Viva- Voice


(MB-201) Business Environment May-2008
(MB-201) Business Environment Dec.2009
(MB-202) Production and Operations Management May-2008
(MB-203) Human Resource Management May-2008
(MB-204) Marketing Management May-2008
(MB-204) Marketing Management May-2009

MB-204) Marketing Management Dec.2009
(MB-205) Financial Management May-2008
(MB-205) Finanical Management May-2009
(MB-206) Workshop on Research Methodology
(MB-207) Workshop on Information Technology
(MB-208) Viva- Voice


(MB-301) Applied Operations Research Dec.2009
(MB-302) Corporate Legal Environment Dec.2009
(MB-303) Major-I
(MB-304) Major-II
(MB-305) Major-III/Minor-I
(MB-306) Seminar on Management Information Systems
(MB-307) Presentation of Training Report
(MB-308) Viva-Voice

Information Technology
(MB-981) Programming in C/C++
(MB-982) Relational Database Management System
(MB-983) Software Engineering

(MB-903) Retail and Supply Chain Management

Human Resource Management
(MB-961) Social Security & Labour Welfare Dec.2009
(MB-962) Training & Development
(MB-963) Industrial/ Organizational Psychology Dec.2009

(MB-941) Production Planning & Control
(MB-942) Purchasing Management
(MB-943) Inventory Management

(MB-921) Security Analysis & Portfolio Management Dec.2009
(MB-922) Direct Tax Planning
(MB-923) Strategic Financial Management Dec.2009


(MB-401) Strategic Management Dec.2009
(MB-402) Project Management and Entrepreneurship
(MB-402) Project Evaluation and Implentation May-2009
(MB-403) Major-IV
(MB-404) Major-V
(MB-405) Major-VI/Minor-II
(MB-406) Final Research Project
(MB-407) Viva-Voice

(MB-904) Advertising and Sales Management
(MB-905) Rural Marketing
(MB-906) Services Marketing
(MB-907) International Marketing
(MB-924) Management of Financial Services
(MB-925) International Finance
(MB-926) Management Control Systems
(MB-927) Financial Engineering
(MB-944) Quality Management
(MB-945) Technology Management
(MB-946) Manufacturing Policy & Implementation
Human Resource Management
(MB-964) Industrial Relations & Labour Laws
(MB-965) Organization Development
(MB-966) Performance & Compensation Management
(MB-967) International Human Resource Management
Information Technology
(MB-984) E-Commerce & IT Enabled Services
(MB-985) Introduction to Computer Network
(MB-986) Visual Programming


(MB-601) Marketing Research

(MB-602) Consumer Behavior and Promotion Management May-2009
(MB-603) Services Marketing Dec.2009
(MB-603) Services Marketing May-2009
(MB-604) Product and Brand Management
(MB-604) Product and Brand Management May-2009
(MB-605) Sales,Channel and Logistics Management
(MB-606) International Marketing
(MB-607) Rural Marketing


(MB-621) Financial Services
(MB-621) Financial Services May-2009
(MB-622) Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
(MB-622) Security Analysis and Protflio Management May-2009
(MB-623) Management of Banking and Financial Institutions
(MB-624) Direct Tax Planning
(MB-624) Direct Tax Planning May-2009
(MB-625) International Finance
(MB-626) Working Capital Management
(MB-627) Management Control System
(MB-627) Management Control System May-2009
(MB-628) Financial Engineering


(MB-641) Quality Management
(MB-642) Production Planning and Control
(MB-643) Inventory Management
(MB-644) Purchasing Management
(MB-645) Technology Management
(MB-646) Manufacturing Policy and Implementation
(MB-646) Manufacturing Policy and implementation May-2009


(MB-661) Organization Development
(MB-662) Training Development
(MB-662) Traning and Development May-2009
(MB-663) Advanced Industrial Psychology
(MB-663) Advanced Industrial Psychology May-2009
(MB-664) Industrial Relations and Labour Laws
(MB-664) Industrial Relations and Labour Laws May-2009
(MB-665) Social Security & Labour Welfare
(MB-666) Performance and Compensation
(MB-667) International Human Resource management

Information Technology

(MB-681) Programming in C/C++
(MB-682) Relational Database Management System
(MB-683) Software Engineering
(MB-683) Software Engineering May-2009
(MB-684) Advanced Decision Support System
(MB-685) Introduction to Computer Network
(MB-685) Introduction to Computer Network May-2009
(MB-686) E-Commerce and IT Enabled Services
(MB-687) Visual Programing

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