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B.TECH. Scheme First Year? Sylabus First Year
Letter to AICTE? Attested copy of Ist year Syllabus for AICTE


Scheme_AI AI (Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering)
Scheme AUTO(Automobile Engg).
Scheme B.Arch__AR
Scheme B.Arch__BCT
Scheme B.Arch__ID
Scheme_BT BT Biotech
Scheme_BM BM (Bio Medical Engineering)
? ?Scheme Ceremic (Ceremic Engg.)
? ?Scheme_Chemical Chemical (Chemical Engg.)
? ? CIVIL (CIVIL Engg.)
? Scheme CS_2008-09

Scheme CS_2009-10 (III-IV SEM)

Scheme CS_2009-10 (V-VIII SEM)

Scheme CS_2010-11 (V-VI SEM)

CS_2008-09 (Computer Engineering)

CS_2009-10 (III-IV SEM)

CS_2009-10 (V-VIII SEM)

CS_2010-11 (V-VI SEM)

? ?Scheme_EC EC (Electronics & Communication Engg.)
? ?Scheme_EE EE (Electrical Engg.)
? ?EEE(EX) Electrical & Electronics Engg.
? ?Scheme_Food Food Technology
? ?Scheme_IC IC (Instrumentation & Control Engg.)
? ?Scheme_IT_2008-2009

Scheme_IT_2009-10 (III-IV SEM)

Scheme_IT_2009-10 (V-VIII SEM)

Scheme_IT_2010-11 (V-VI SEM)

IT 2008-2009 (Information Technology)

IT2009-10 (III-IV SEM)

IT2009-10 (V-VIII SEM)

IT2010-11 (V-VI SEM)

? Scheme INDST.(Industrial Engg.)
? Scheme_ME MECH(Mechanical Engg.)
? Scheme P&I P&I
? ?
? ? TC (Textile Chemistry)
? Scheme TE(Textile Engg.)
? ? TT (Textile Technology)

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