RTU M-Tech Syllabus Books | Rajasthan Technical University

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?M.TECH Scheme (C & I ) ?C & I
Scheme_CS Computer Science (Full Time)
Scheme_CS Computer Science (Part Time)
? ?Scheme Digital Communication (Full Time)
? ?Scheme Digital Communication (Part Time)
Scheme_ENV Environmental Engg._Full Time
Scheme_ENV Environmental Engg. (Part Time)
Scheme_Geotech GEOTECH
Scheme_Geotech GEOTECH (Part Time)
Scheme_IEM IEM
Scheme_IT IT_Full Time
Scheme Machine Design
Scheme Production Engg
Scheme Renewable Energy
Scheme_power Power Systems (Full Time)
Scheme_power Power Systems (Part Time)
Scheme_Software Software Engg .
Scheme_structural Structural Engg. (Part Time)
Scheme_structural Structural Engg. (Full Time)
Scheme_Textile Textile Tech.
Scheme Thermal Engg
? ?Scheme(VLSI) VLSI Design

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