SGGU BPT 2019 April Question Papers (Bachelor of Physio Therapy) – 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year

We uploaded SGGU (Shri Govind Guru University ) BPT (Bachelor of Physio Therapy) -First,Second,Third And Fourth year  Latest 2019 March-April Question Papers.

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SGGU BPT 2019 Question Papers First Semester 2019 March-April Bachelor-of-Physiotherapy (Shri Govind Guru University)

BPT0C101 Human Anatomy I Download
BPT0C102 Human Physiology I Download
BPT0C103 Biochemistry Download
BPT0C105 Basic Principles of Biomechanics Download


SGGU BPT 2019 Question Papers Third Semester 2019 March-April Bachelor-of-Physiotherapy (Shri Govind Guru University)

BPT0C301 Pathology Download
BPT0C302 Microbiology Download
BPT0C303 Pharmacology Download
BPT0C304 Foundation of Exercise Therapy and Therapeutic Massage Download


SGGU BPT 2019 Question Papers Fifth Semester 2019 March-April Bachelor-of-Physiotherapy (Shri Govind Guru University)

BPT0C501 Orthopedics Traumatology and Non Traumatology Download
BPT0C502 Medicine (General Medicine + Paediatrics + Skin and V.D.) Download
BPT0C503 Surgery (General Surgery including Burns and Plastic Surgery + OBG) Download
BPT0C504 Physical and Functional Diagnosis I Download



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Above SGGU BPT question papers are applicable for below afflicted colleges

Smt SCPF Commerce College Dabhoi Vadodara
Shri Sarvajanik College Of Education Godhra Panchmahal
Sheth MNC Collge of Education Dabhoi Vadodara
Shri Sarvajanik Commerce College Godhra Panchmahal
Law College Godhra Panchmahal LLB
Navjivan Science College Dahod Dahod
M V Arts Commerce College Halol Panchmahal
Shree BK Patel Arts Smt LMPatel Commerce College Savli Vadodara
Adivasi Arts Commerce College Santrampur Mahisagar
Shri NK Mehta Smt MF Dani Arts College Malvan Mahisagar
KC Sheth Arts College Virpur Mahisagar
MM Gandhi Arts Commerce College Kalol Panchmahal
Shri KR Desai Arts Commerce College Zalod Dahod
Shri CR Gardi Arts College munpur Mahisagar
Arts College Limkheda Dahod
Shri JLKKotecha Arts SH Gardi Commerce College kankanpur Panchmahal
Shri MC Rathva Arts College Pavi Jetpur Chhota Udepur MA
Shri SPPatel Arts College Simaliya Panchmahal
Shri Tejendraprashadji Swaminarayan Arts College Kothamba Mahisagar
Shri Janki Vallabh Arts Shri MC Patel Commerce College Muval Vadodara
SCA Patel Arts College Sadhli Vadodara
SKUB Arts Smt NC Zaveri Commerce College Pipaliya Vadodara
Mahila Mahavidyalaya Vadodara Vadodara
Shri SR Bhabhor Arts College Singvad Dahod
Arts College Fatepura Dahod
Shri Muktjivan Swamibapa kelavani Mandal Sanchalit Arts College Vaghajipur Panchmahal
Balaji College of Computer Application Vadodara Vadodara BCA
J R BEd College Dahod Dahod
JK Desai BEd College Zalod Dahod
BEd College Singwad Dahod
Ma Gayatri BEd College Chhapari Dahod
HMBhura BEd College Santrampur Mahisagar
Vadodara Design Acedemy School of Architecture Bil Vadodara BARCH
Sigma Insititute of Physiotherapy Bakrol Vadodara
SmtKCM Shah BEd College kankanpur Panchmahal
Late Monghiba CParmar BEdCollege Khatamba Vadodara
Samarth College of Education Pavi Jetpur Chhota Udepur
Sarvoday College of Education Derol Panchmahal
Sardar Patel BEd College Dhamaniya Mahisagar
Govt Arts Commerce College Naswadi Chhota Udepur Govt
Govt BEd College Naswadi Chhota Udepur Govt
Govt Arts College Garbada Garbada Dahod Govt
Govt Arts College Shehera Shahera Panchmahal Govt
Govt Science College Jhalod Zalod Dahod Govt
Govt Physiotherapy College Dahod Dahod Dahod Govt
Govt Arts College Dhanpur Dhanpur Dahod Govt
Govt Science College Dhanpur Dhanpur Dahod Govt
Govt Science College Limkheda Limkheda Dahod Govt
Govt Arts College Kavant Chhota Udepur Govt
Govt Arts Science College Jambughoda Panchmahal Govt
Govt Science College Chhota udepur Chhota Udepur Govt
District Institution of Education Training Vadodara Vadodara Govt
Govt Arts Science College Morva Hadaf Panchmahal Govt
CNPF Arts DN Science College Dabhoi Vadodara
Sheth PT Arts Science College Godhra Panchmahal
Kapadia NMMS Arts The SNSB Commerce College Sankheda Chhota Udepur
Navjivan Arts Commerce College Dahod Dahod
Shri Natvarsinhji Arts Science Shri SG Patel Commerce College Cudepur Chhota Udepur
Smt HCPatel (Kandari) Arts Commerce College Karjan Vadodara
Sheth TC Kapadia Arts Commerce College Bodeli Chhota Udepur
YS Arts KSS Commerce College D Baria Dahod
C SH Desai Arts LkL Doshi Commerce College Balasinor Mahisagar
Shri PN Pandya Arts Shri MPPandya Science DP Pandya Commerce College Lunawada Mahisagar
Umiya Education Trust BEd College Koydam Mahisagar
Valiba R Patel B Ed College Lunawada Mahisagar
Gopalak Vikas Mandal Mahila B Ed College Aniyad Panchmahal
JN Patel B Ed College Salawada Mahisagar
Nalanda BEd College Virpur Mahisagar
BEd College Balasinor Mahisagar BED
Anjuman BEd College Balasinor Mahisagar
Ghantakarna Mahavir Physiotherapy College Godhra Panchmahal
Divya Drashti BEd College Bedhiya Panchmahal
Santaben Natvarlal Mansukhlal (SNM Shah) College kankanpur Panchmahal
Smt M K Sanghvi Homeopethic ical College Karjan Vadodara
Anjuman Education Trust College Balasinor Mahisagar
BJ Katara BEdCollege sukhsar Dahod
Virpur Mahila Utkarsh BEd College for Girls Virpur Mahisagar
Vanvasi Sewa Samaj BEd College Pavi Jetpur Pavi Jetpur Chhota Udepur
Gopal Vikas Mandal College Aniyad Aniyad Panchmahal
Sanskar Bharti BEd College Natvarnagar Natvarnagar Vadodara
Pioneer Physiotherapy College Vadodara Vadodara Vadodara
Drashti Netralaya Dahod Dahod B OPTOMETRY
GVM Nursing College Aniyad Panchmahal NURSING Nursing
SDD Nurisng College Dahod Dahod NURSING PB NURSING
Devraj Institute of Social Work Bedhiya Panchmahal
Devraj Science College Bedhiya Panchmahal
Self Finance Law College Dabhoi Vadodara LAW
Shri Indubhai Sheth Law College Dahod Dahod LAW
GVM Arts College VantaVachhoda Panchmahal
GVM Commerce College VantaVachhoda Panchmahal
Sigma Institute of Nursing Bakrol Vadodara Nursing
Dr Thakorbhai Patel Girls Commerce College Vadodara Vadodara
Dr Thakorbhai Patel Girls College Vadodara Vadodara
Jay Jalaram Homeopathy ical College Morva Rena Panchmahal
Prerna Insti Of Para ical Science Rampur Panchmahal PGDMLT
All India Institute of Local Self Government Vadodara Vadodara
Pioneer Homeopathy ical College Vadodara Vadodara BHMS
Shree Rang College Vadodara Vadodara
Raj Krupa Institute of Nursing Dahod Dahod NURSING
Zydus ical College Dahod Dahod MBBS
GVM Law College Aniyad Panchmahal LLB
Gujarat Homeopathy ical College Savli Vadodara BHMS
Mudra Takshshila Insti Of Design
Pioneer Nursing College Vadodara Vadodara Vadodara NURSING Nursing
Smt LM Patel Women’s BEd College Lunawada Lunawada Panchmahal
Muni Seva Ashram College of Nursing Goraj Goraj Vadodara NURSING PB NURSING
Akshar Mahila BEd College Vadodara Vadodara Vadodara
Gurjar Bharti BEd College Nagrala Nagrala Dahod
Mahisagar College Lunawada Mahisagar
Sanskar BEd College Pipaliya Vadodara
Mahisagar BEd College Lunawada Mahisagar
Bits Institute of Physiotherapy Varnama Vadodara
Sigma Institute of Science Commerce Bakrol Vadodara
Shree Naranbhai Atmaram Patel Science College kankanpur Panchmahal
Pragjibapa College Virpur Mahisagar
Navgujarat Science College Balasinor Mahisagar
Shri Krushna Pranami Arts College Dahod Dahod
Shri Ram Cheritable Trust BEd College Koydam Mahisagar
Sarvoday College of Education () Derol Panchmahal
Mahisagar Science College Lunawada Mahisagar
Vedant Science College Lunawada Mahisagar
GVM Bachlor of Science College VantaVachhoda Panchmahal
J K College of Nursing had Vadodara BSCNursing
KJ Institute of Physiotherapy had Vadodara
Neotech Institute of Physiotherapy Virod Vadodara
Smt Chandrakantaben G Dhanka Science College Nagrala Dahod
Self Finance Science College Dabhoi Vadodara
Mahisagar Commerece College Lunawada Mahisagar
Mahisagar College Lunawada Mahisagar
Balasinor Vidhya Mandal Sanchalit College Balasinor Mahisagar
Neotech Institute of Applied Science Research Virod Vadodara
Shri Gopalbhai Dhanka College Nagrala Dahod
Maharani Premkumari College of Social Work D Baria Dahoa

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