Download JNTUH M-Tech II Semester May 2019 Soft Computing Question Paper

Download JNTU Hyderabad (Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad) M Tech (Master of Engineering) II Semester May 2019 Soft Computing Question Paper

Hall Ticket No Question Paper Code: BCSB12
M.Tech II Semester End Examinations (Regular) ? May, 2019
Regulation: .?R18
Time: 3 Hours (CSE) Max Marks: 70
Answer ONE Question from each Unit
All Questions Carry Equal Marks
All parts of the question must be answered in one place only
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6. (a)
Distinguish between supervised learning and unsupervised learning? [7M]
Using McCulloh?Pitts neuron model, design a neural network for 2?input OR functions. [7M]
Explain the working of back propagation neural network With neat architecture and ?owchart.
Write a R script to connect with Excel7 read the contents of sheet and load into R object. [7M]
Write R program to extract sample XML data from web and steps to convert as data frame.
Specify the needed packages and functions. [7M]
Draw and explain the architecture of hetero associative memory network. [7M]
Draw a diagram illustrating the architecture of Elman?s Simple recurrent network that performs
a temporal version of the XOR task. [7M]
Draw the architecture of Hop?eld net. Design Hop?eld net for 4 bit bipolar pattern. The training
pattern are I sample Sl[1,1,?1,?1], 11 sample S2[?1,1,?1,1], 111 sample S3[? 1,?1,?1,?1,1]. [7M]
How is fuzzy relation converted into a crisp relation using 1amda?cut process? [7M]
De?ne fuzzy set theory. Explain With example non?iterative fuzzy sets. [7M]
Discuss fuzzy number with respect to membership function. Explain the methods of membership
value assignments. [7M]
Write down the energy function of a BSB network with weight matrix W, feedback constant ,3,
and activation vector X. [7M]
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What is fuzzy compliment? What are the axioms to be satis?ed so that a function can be used
as fuzzy compliment? Check whether the function x+y?X.y can be used as a fuzzy union or not.
What is the reason that logic function has rapidly become one Of the most successful technology
for developing sophisticated control systems? [7M]
What is decomposition and aggregation of fuzzy rules? Illustrate with an example. [7M]
Can a fuzzy membership be true and false at the same time? Justify. [7M]
Explain the basic concepts of genetic algorithm and steps involved in its algorithm. [7M]
HOW to partition the Window to get more number of plots. Discuss on Single and multi object
plots in R. [7M]
Assume any typical control problem and explain the various steps involved in ?nding a solution
using Genetic Algorithm. [7M]
Give an example of combinatorial problem. What is the most dif?cult step in solving these
problems? [7M]
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