VNSGU BA Last 10 Years 2011-2021 Previous Question Papers (Veer Narmad South Gujarat University)

We uploaded VNSGU ( Veer Narmad South Gujarat University or South Gujarat University ) BA (Bachelor of Arts) 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year part 1 and 3rd year part 2  2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2010 & 2011 previous question papers . These papers are useful to all the Medical colleges which are affiliated to Veer Narmad South Gujarat University.
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Note:  Our team working on 2020, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 & 2010 previous question papers


BA 2019 April question papers of  VNSGU (Veer Narmad South Gujarat University)


1st Year

1801000101010001 2 Foundation Course In English Language Through Literature FCIELTL Download
1801000101010003 5 Gujarati Download
1801000101020001 Environmental Studies ES Download
1801000101020003 Family Studies Foundation Elective FSFE Download
1801000101020004 Foundation Elective Impact Of Modernization On Language FEIML Download
1801000101030004 Home Science Life Span Development 1 HSLSD Download
1801000101040011 Core Course (Principal) CC Download
1801000101040012 Gujarati Varta Susti GVS Download
1801000101040021 English I Introducing Literary Forms EILF Download
1801000101040022 English Paper 2 EP Download
1801000101040031 32 Hindi Download
1801000101040033 34 Hindi Download
1801000101040071 Micro Economics ME Download
1801000101040072 Economics Download
1801000101040081 Home Science HS Download
1801000101040082 Home Science Cc Ii HSCI Download
1801000101050011 Gujarati Download
1801000101050012 Gujarati Download
1801000101050021 English Paper 1 EP Download
1801000101050022 English Paper 2 EP Download
1801000101050031 32 Hindi Download
1801000101050033 34 Core Elective CE Download
1801000101050051 History Seme I HS Download
1801000101050052 History Download
1801000101050071 Economics Paper 1 EP Download
1801000101050083 Family And Community Science Ce 1 FCSC Download
1801000101050085 Family And Community Science FCS Download
1901000102010004 Hindi Bhasha Kaushaliya HBK Download
1901000102020001 Foundation Elective Environmental Studies Ii FEESI Download
1901000102020003 Family Studies FS Download
1901000102020004 Foundation Elective Gujarati FEG Download
1901000102030001 Sanskrit 2 Download
1901000102030004 Life Span Development Core Allied LSDCA Download
1901000102030005 Element Of Statistics ES Download
1901000102040012 Gujarati Paper 4 GP Download
1901000102040031 Hindi Paper 3 HP Download
1901000102040033 Hindi Paper Iii HPI Download
1901000102040034 Hindi Paper 4 HP Download
1901000102040042 Sanskrit Download
1901000102040043 Sanskrit Paper 3 SP Download
1901000102040051 History Paper 3 HP Download
1901000102040061 Psychology Paper 3 PP Download
1901000102040071 Economics Paper 3 EP Download
1901000102040082 Home Science Cc 4 (Home Management Ii) HSCMI Download
1901000102040091 Political Science Paper Iii PSPI Download
1901000102040092 Political Science Paper Iv PSPI Download
1901000102041002 Sociology Paper 4 SP Download
1901000102050011 Gujarati Paper 3 GP Download
1901000102050012 Gujarati Paper 4 GP Download
1901000102050031 Core Elective (Subsidiary) CE Download
1901000102050032 Hindi Upanyas Swami Core Elective HUSCE Download
1901000102050033 Hindi Download
1901000102050034 Hindi Paper 4 HP Download
1901000102050041 Core Elective Paper 3 CEP Download
1901000102050043 Sanskrit Paper 3 SP Download
1901000102050044 Sanskrit Download
1901000102050051 History Paper 3 HP Download
1901000102050052 History Core Elective 4 (Subsidiary) HCE Download
1901000102050061 Psychology Paper 3 PP Download
1901000102050072 Economics Paper Iv EPI Download
1901000102050082 Home Science Ce Ii HSCI Download
1901000102050084 Family And Community Science Ce 04 FCSC Download
1901000102050091 Political Science Paper 3 PSP Download
1901000102050092 Political Science Paper 1 PSP Download
1901000102051002 Sociology Paper 4 SP Download
2100 Foundation Course In English Language Through Literature FCIELTL Download
2102 Hindi Foundation Compulsory Paper 1 HFCP Download
2103 Environmental Studies (Foundation Elective) ESE Download
2104 Foundation Elective Impact Of Modernization On Language & Literature In Gujarati FEIMLLIG Download
2105 Sanskrti Download
2107 Sanskrit I Download
2108 Sanskrit Download
2109 Padhya Core Course 01 PCC Download
2110 Gujarati Download
2111 English I Introducing Literary EIL Download
2112 English Paper 2 EP Download
2113 Hindi Paper 2 HP Download
2114 Hindi Upnyas HU Download
2115 Economics Paper 1 (Micro Economics) EPE Download
2116 Economics Paper 1 EP Download
2117 Sociolog Paper 1 SP Download
2118 Sociology Paper Ii SPI Download
2119 Political Science Paper 1 PSP Download
2120 Political Science Paper 2 PSP Download
2121 History Paper 1 HP Download
2122 History Paper 2 HP Download
2226 Economics Paper 2 EP Download
2227 English Paper 1 EP Download
2230 History Download
2231 Political Science Paper 1 PSP Download
2232 Psychology Download
2234 Sociology Download
2235 Statistics Higher SH Download
2238 English Subsidiary Paper 2 ESP Download
2239 Gujarati Download
2240 Hindi Download
2241 History Paper 2 HP Download
2243 Psychology Download
2244 Sanskrit Core Elective SCE Download


2nd Year

1901000102050071 Economics Download
2128 Foundation Course In English FCIE Download
2130 Foundation Course In Gujarati FCIG Download
2131 Population Education PE Download
2133 History Paper III (History Of Major Revolution) HPIIIMR Download
2135 Principles Of Literary Criticism PLC Download
2140 Core And Elective English Paper 4 ‘The Puritan Age To The Neo Classical Period (1665 1798) CEEPPATNCP Download
2142 Gujarati Core Course Paper 3 GCCP Download
2145 History Paper III External Principal Core Course History Of India From 1206 To 1760 A.D. HPIIIEPCCHIFA Download
2146 History Paper Iv (Core Course) (Principal) HPIC Download
2149 Sociology Download
2152 Hindi Paper 04 HP Download
2153 Hindi Download
2154 Sanskrit Download
2157 Political Science PS Download
2158 Political Science PS Download
2159 Political Science PS Download
2166 Foundation Course In English Language Through Literature FCIELTL Download
2167 Hindi Compulsory Paper Iii F.C. (Hindi Bhasha Kaushal) HCPIFBK Download
2229 Hindi Download
2249 English (Subsidiary) Paper 3 ( Core Elective) (The Elizabethan Age ) (1558 1625) EPCEEA Download
2250 Gujarati Paper III GPIII Download
2251 Hindi Download
2253 Psychology Download
2254 Sanskrit Download
2256 Political Science PS Download
2257 Statistics (Higher) Paper III SPIII Download
2264 Psychology Paper Iv (Adjustment Psychology) (Subsidiary) PPIP Download
2266 Sociology Download
2267 Political Science PS Download
2855 Foundation Course In English Written And Spoken Communication Skills FCIEWSCS Download
2856 Foundation Cours In Gujarati Bhasha Sahitya Kaushalya Iii FCIGBSKI Download
2858 Hindi Foundation Course Paper 3 HFCP Download
2863 History Of Major Revolution (I.D.) (Core Allied Course) HMRAC Download
2866 Role Of Linguistics RL Download
2874 Gadhya Arvachin GA Download
2875 Madhyakalin Sahitya MS Download
2877 English Download
2890 Economics Download
2897 Political Science PS Download
2902 Hindi Paper 6(B) Core Course (Principal) HPCC Download
2903 History Of Hindi Literature HHL Download
2916 17 Foundation Course In English FCIE Download
2918 19 [ 1 Foundation Course In Gujarati FCIG Download
2923 Cultural Psychology (Id) CP Download
2924 History Of Science HS Download
2930 Population Education (I.D) PE Download
2937 Gujarati Core Course 10 GCC Download
2942 History Paper Ix HPI Download
2943 History Paper X HP Download
2945 Psychology Paper Ix (Principal) PPI Download
2951 Political Science Paper Ix PSPI Download
2959 60 Hindi Download
2964 Sanskrit Paper 9 SP Download
2965 Sanskrit Paper 10 SP Download
3225 Gujarati V Download
3226 Hindi Subsidiary Core Elective HSCE Download
3229 Political Science Paper V (Governmental Machinery) (Core Elective) (Subsidiary) PSPME Download
3233 Sociology Download
3241 English Download
3242 Core Elective CE Download
3243 Hindi Download
3247 Psychology Download
3258 English (Subsidiary) Paper 8 ( Core Elective) (The Puritan Age And The Restoration Period) (1625 1700) EPCEPATRP Download
3285 Statistics Download


3rd Year

2172 Gujarati Paper Ix GPI Download
2177 Sociology Download
2179 Sociology Download
2181 Sanskrit (Paper Vi) SV Download
2182 Sanskrit Download
2183 Sanskrit Download
2188 Political Science PS Download
2189 Political Science Paper Viii (Public Administration) (Core Course) PSPVAC Download
2191 Political Science PS Download
2194 History Paper 7 HP Download
2198 History Paper Ii History Of Major Revolution (1688 To 1950) HPIHMR Download
2199 Madhya Yugin Kavita (Soor Tulsi, Bihari) MYKTB Download
2207 English Paper 8 (Indian Literature In English) EPLIE Download
2208 World Literature And American Literature WLAL Download
2212 Economics Paper 7 (Development And Environmental Economics) EPEE Download
2215 Economics Download
2987 Economics Download
2990 Managerial Economics ME Download
2991 Economics Cc Paper 15 (B) (New) Labour Economics ECPLE Download
2993 Economics Download
2994 Gujarati Paper Xi GPX Download
2998 Gujarati Paper 15 GP Download
3002 Hindi Download
3003 Hindi Download
3004 Hindi Paper HP Download
3007 Hindi Paper 14 HP Download
3009 Hindi Download
3011 History Paper Xii (Cultural History Of India) (Ancient Age) HPXHIA Download
3012 Constitutional History Of India CHI Download
3013 History Paper Xiv History Of Gujarat 942 To 1299 A.D. HPXHGA Download
3014 History Download
3015 History Of Greece Paper Xvi (16) HGPX Download
3017 Home Science Cc 12 (New) Family Housing HSCFH Download
3018 Home Science Cc Xiii (13) Textile Science 1 (New Course) HSCXTSC Download
3447 Advance Marketing Management I AMM Download
7001 Development And Environmental Economics (Old) Economics Paper Xviii (18) DEEEPX Download
7005 06 Economics Download
7007 08 Economics Download



If you face trouble opening any of the question paper or if you need any other paper, please drop us a mail to with subject, university, semester  details. We will send you the papers.



Above question papers are applicable for below colleges

Government Engineering College Surat
C.k. Pithwala College Of Engg & Technology
Maha Mandaleshwar Sri Krishnandji Law College Bharuch
Dinshaw Daboo Law College Navsari
Vt Choksi Sarvajanik Law College
C.k. Pithawalla Institute Of Management Surat
Gidc Rajju Shroff Rofel Institute Of Management Studies (grims) Valsad
S.r. Luthra Institute Of Management
Veer Narmad South Gujarat University Surat
Government Medical College Surat
Surat Municipal Institute Of Medical Education & Research
Vivekanand Institute Of Medical Sciences & Research
Amity Bed College Bharuch
Bhagavan Mahaveer Education Foundation Bed College
Bhagwan Mahaveer Education Foundation Bed College
Bharti College Of Education
Bmef College Of Physical Education
Government Bed College – Navsari
Bhagvan Mahaveer College Of Education
Uttar Gujarat Ptc College
Lala Gangaram Jain Memorial Ptc College
Bhagwan Mahaveer College Of Mped
A. V. Patel Commerce College Navsari
Arts & Commerce College, Chovisi, Navsari
Arts & Commerce College, Motapondha, Valsad
Arts & Commerce College, Sarbhan, Bharuch
B. J. Patel College Of Education
Munshi Mahila Bed College
Shree Sardar Patel College Of Education Navsari
Shri Mahavir Vidya Mandir Trust Bed College
Shri Sad Vidya Mandals, Shri Mk College Of Physical Education
Shri Swami Narayanswarup Bed College Bharuch
Smt Gn Pandya Bed College Surat
Smt Vasantiben Ranchodbhai Bakta College Of Education
Vt Choksi Sarvajanik College Of Education
B. K. M. Science College
B. R. C. M. College Of Business Administration
Babubhai B. Avichal Arts & Commerce College
Bhagwan Mahavir College Of Computer Application
Bhagwan Mahavir College Of Education Surat
C. B. Patel Computer College Surat
C. D. Pachhigar College Of Homeopathic Medicine & Hospital
C. J. Patel Vidhyadham English And Gujarati Medium Commerce College
C. N. Parmar Shikshan Mahavidyala Valsad
College Of Applied Science & Professional Studies
College Of Education, Kharod Bharuch
D. R. Patel And R. B. Patel Commerce College
Dollyben Desai Institute Of Computer And Allied Sciences
Emity B. Ed. College Bharuch
Gmers Medical College, Valsad Valsad
Government Arts & Commerce College, Bhilad, Umargam
Government Arts & Commerce College, Kachhal
Government Arts & Commerce College, Khergam, Chikhli
Government Arts & Commerce College, Netrang
Government Arts & Commerce College, Vansda
Government Arts College, Dediyapada Narmada
Government Arts College, Jhagadia, Bharuch
Government Arts College, Kaprada, Valsad
Government Arts College, Mangrol, Surat Surat
Government Arts College, Sagbara, Narmada
Government B. Ed. College (basic Education)
Government B. Ed. College, Kachhal
Government Nursing College
Government Physiotherapy College
Government Science College, Chikhli Navsari
Government Science College, Vankal, Mangrol, Surat
Hajiyani Shamimbanu Mehmudkhan Pathan Modern Girls Commerce College, Valsad
Hari Jyot College Of Optometry Navsari
Iqra B. C. A. College Bharuch
J. B. Dharukawal Mahila Arts College
J. M. Shah Arts & Commerce College Bharuch
J. P. Pardiwala Arts & Commerce College Valsad
J. Z. Shah Arts & H. P. Desai Commerce College
Nutan Gram Vidhyapeeth Bharuch
Commerce, (gujarati Medium), R. K. Shah Womens Arts College Surat
R. K. Desai Achchhariwala College Of Computer And Applied Sciences Valsad
College CityB. P. Baria Science Institute Navsari
Patel Raman Bros. Arts & Patel Gopalbhai Ranchhodji Commerce College Surat
Sarvajanik Education Society Maganlal Thakordas Balmukunddas Arts College
Shri Rang Shikshan Mahavidyalaya Navsari
Sir K. P. College Of Commerce Surat
Sir P. T. Sarvajanik College Of Science Surat
The Broach District Adivasi Seva Sangh Kelavani Mandal M. R. Arts & Science College
The Patidar Gin Science College Surat
Sarvajanik College Of Engg. & Technology
Smt. Z. S. Patel College Of Management Surat
T & T. V. School Of Nursing Surat
Takshashila College Vadodara
The Mandvi Education Society B. B. A. College Surat
The Mandvi Education Society B. C. A. College Surat
V.c.t. Mahila Arts & Commerce College, Bharuch Bharuch
Vanraj Arts & Commrece College Valsad
Vanseva Mahavidhyalay Valsad
Vivekanand College For Advanced Computer And Information Science
Vivekanand College For B. Ed.
Vivekanand College For Bba
Vivekanand College Of Commerce Surat
Welfare Institute Of Nursing & Midwifery, Bharuch
Z. F. Wadia Womens College And N. K. Johta College Of Commerce
College Of Education, Daman Daman And Diu
Shrinathji College Of Business Administration, Daman
Shrinathji College Of Computer Application, Daman
R. K. Desai College Of Commerce & Management Valsad
R. K. Desai College Of Education Valsad
Rofel Arts & Commerce College Valsad
Rofel Shri G. M. Bilakhia College Of Applied Sciences
S. B. Garda Arts College & P. K. Patel College Of Commerce
S. P. B. Physiotherapy College Surat
S. S. Agrawal College Of Arts, Commerce And Management Navsari
S. S. Agrawal College Of Nursing Training College And Research Centre
Sandra Shroff Rofel College Of Nursing, Valsad Valsad
Sarvajanik Intitute Of Interior Design, Fine Arts & Performing Arts
Sdj International College Surat
Shah Khimchandbhai Muljibhai Law College
Shah N. H. Commerce College Valsad
Sheth C. D. Barfiwala College Of Commerce
Shree Bharatimaiya College Of Optometry And Physiotherapy
Shree Madhav Institute Of Computer And Information Technology
Shree Narmada Gramvidhyapith Narmada
Shree Ramkrishna Institute Of Computer Education & Applied Sciences
Shree Vestabhai H. Patel College Of B. Ed.
Shri Akhandvidhya Aranyak Gurukul B.ed. College, Valsad Valsad
Shri I. K. Chavda Gram Vidhyapith Anand
Shri J. D. Gabani Commerce College Surat
Shri Jayendrapuri Arts & Science College Bharuch
Shri Maharaja Rajendrasinhji Arts & Science College Narmada
Shri Manilal Kadakia College Of Management & Computer Studies Bharuch
K. B. Sumaria Commerce And Natraj Professional Science College
Laxmi Institute Of Commerce & Computer Application
M. K. Institute Of Computer Studies
M. K. Mehta College Of Education
M. L. Parmar Charitable Trust Bca College
M. R. Desai Arts & E. E. Laher Kodsadiya Commerce College
M. T. B. Arts College Surat
Mahamandleshwar Shri Krishnanandji College Of Commerce Bharuch
Mrs. J. P. Shroff Arts College Valsad
Naran Lala Institute Of Teacher Education
Naranlala College Of Commerce And Management
Naranlala College Of Professional & Applied Science
Narmada College Of Science & Commerce Bharuch
Navnirman Institute Of Management
Navyug Arts College Surat
Navyug Commerce College Surat
Navyug Science College Surat
Shri Narmada College Of Education
Shri Parsottambhai Haribhai Umrav College Of Arts & Commerce
Shri Rang Navchetan Mahila Arts College Bharuch
Shri Rang Navchetan Science & Computer Institute Bharuch
Shri Ratnasinhji Mahida Commerce College Narmada
Shri S. R. Patel B. Ed. College Surat
Shri Saraswati Hindi Mahavidhyalaya
Shri Shambhubhai V. Patel College Of Computer Science & Business Management
Shri V. S. Patel College Of Arts & Science
Smt P. N. Patel College Of Education
Smt. Kusumben Kadakia Arts & Commerce College
Smt. Tanuben And Dr. Manubhai Trivedi College Of Information Science
Smt. Z. S. Patel College Of Computer Application


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