RGUHS B.Pharm Final Year 2018 January Previous Question Papers

We uploaded RGUHS (Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences ) B.Pharm 2018 January Final Year Question Papers. These papers are useful to all the Medical colleges which are affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.

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Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences B-Pharm 2018 January Question  4th Year (Final Year)

4th Year

1873 Medicinal Chemistry II Os And Rs Download
1874 Manufacturing Pharmacy Including Cosmetics OS And Rs Download
1875 Biopharmaceutics And Pharmacokinetics Download
1876 Instrumental Methods of Analysis Download
1877 Pharmacognosy And Phytochemistry II Download
1878 Pharmaceutical Marketing Download
1880 Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence Download
1966 Pharmaceutical Technology And Biopharmaceutics Download
1967 Instrumental And Bio Medical Analysis Revised Scheme 2 Download
1968 Pharmacology And Toxicology Revised Scheme 2 Download
1969 Medicinal Chemistry II Revised Scheme 2 Download
1970 Industrial Pharmacognosy Revised Scheme 2 Download
1971 Advanced Industrial Pharmacy Revised Scheme 2 Download
1975 Pharmaceutical Marketing And Management Download
2616 Pharmaceutical Technology And Biopharmaceutics Revised Scheme 3 Download
2617 Instrumental And Bio Medical Analysis Revised Scheme 3 Download
2618 Pharmacology And Toxicology Download
2619 Medicinal Chemistry II Download
2620 Industrial Pharmacognosy Revised Scheme 3 Download
2621 Industrial Pharmacy I Download
2622 Industrial Pharmacy I Rs 3 Download
2623 Pharmacy Practice II Rs 3 Download
2624 Pharmacy Practice II Rs 3 Download
2641 Pharmaceutical Technology And Biopharmaceutics Rs 4 Download
2642 Instrumental And Bio Medical Analysis Rs 4 Download
2643 Pharmacology And Toxicology Rs 4 Download
2644 Medicinal Chemistry II Download
2645 Industrial Pharmacognosy Rs 4 Download
2646 Advanced Industrial Pharmacy Rs 4 Download
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