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We uploaded B-Pharma  1st semester, 2nd semester, 3rd semester, 4th semester, 5th semester, 6th semester, 7th semester and 8th semester, last 10 years 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010 previous  question papers of SGBAU (Sant Gadge Baba Amravati university). These papers are useful to all  Pharma colleges which are affiliated to SGBAU.


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SGBAU 2019 Summer First Year

Anatomy n Physiology AP Download
General n Dispensing Pharmacy New GDPN Download
Mathematics n Statistics New MSN Download
Pharmaceutical Chemistry I New Inorganic PCNI Download
Pharmaceutical Chemistry II New PCIIN Download
Pharmaceutical Microbiology New PMN Download
Pharmacognosy I New PN Download


SGBAU B.Pharm 2019 Summer Second Year

Basic Electronics n Computer Applications New BECAN Download
Biochemistry New BN Download
Pharmaceutical Analysis I New PAN Download
Pharmaceutical Chemistry III New PCIIIN Download
Pharmaceutical Unit Operations PUO Download
Pharmacology I New PN Download
Physical Pharmacy New PPN Download


SGBAU B.Pharm 2019 SummervFinal Year

Biopharmaceutics n Pharmacokinetics New BPN Download
Clinical Pharmacy n Pathology New CPPN Download
Community Pharmacy New CPN Download
Industrial Pharmacy II IPII Download
Medicinal Chemistry II New MCIIN Download
Pharmaceutical Analysis II New PAIIN Download
Pharmacognosy III PIII Download

SGBAU 2019 Summer 1st Semester

Anatomy n Physiology I Old APO Download
Communication Skills New CSN Download
Pharmaceutical Biochemistry I Old PBO Download
Pharmaceutical Engineering I Old PEO Download
Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry New PICN Download
Pharmaceutics I Old PO Download
Pharmacognosy Old PO Download
Remedial Biology New RBN Download
Remedial Mathematics New RMN Download


SGBAU B.Pharm 2019 Summer 2nd Semester

Anatomy n Physiology II Old SIIAPIIO Download
Biochemistry New SIIBN Download
Computer Applications In Pharmacy New SIICAIPN Download
Environmental Science New SIIESN Download
Human Anatomy n Physiology II New SIIHAPIIN Download
Mathematics Old SIIMO Download
Pathophysiology New SIIPN Download
Pharmaceutical Biochemistry II Old SIIPBIIO Download
Pharmaceutical Engineering II Old SIIPEIIO Download
Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I New SIIPOCN Download
Pharmaceutics II Old SIIPIIO Download
Pharmacognosy II Old SIIPIIO Download


SGBAU B.Pharm 2019 Summer 3rd Semester

Hospital n Community Pharmacy SIIIHCP Download
Pathophysiology Old SIIIPO Download
Pharmaceutical Engineering New SIIIPEN Download
Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Old SIIIPICO Download
Pharmaceutical Microbiology New SIIIPMN Download
Pharmaceutical Microbiology Old SIIIPMO Download
Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry New SIIIPOCN Download
Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry Old SIIIPOCO Download
Physical Pharmaceutics I New SIIIPPN Download
Physical Pharmaceutics I Old SIIIPPO Download


SGBAU B.Pharm 2019 Summer 4th Semester

Sem IV Basic Computer Applications SIBCA Download
Sem IV Medical Chemistry I New SIMCN Download
Sem IV Pharmaceutical Analysis I Old SIPAO Download
Sem IV Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Old SIPBO Download
Sem IV Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II SIPOCII Download
Sem IV Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry New SIPOCN Download
Sem IV Pharmacognosy n Phytochemistry I New SIPPN Download
Sem IV Pharmacology I New SIPN Download
Sem IV Pharmacology I SIP Download
Sem IV Physical Pharmaceutics II New SIPPIIN Download
Sem IV Physical Pharmaceutics II Old SIPPIIO Download


SGBAU B.Pharm 2019 Summer 5th Semester

Sem V Biopharmaceutics I Old SBO Download
Sem V Medicinal Chemistry I SMC Download
Sem V Pharmaceutics III SPIII Download
Sem V Pharmacognosy III SPIII Download
Sem V Pharmacology II SPII Download
Sem V Pharmacutical Organic Chemistry III SPOCIII Download

SGBAU B.Pharm 2019 Summer 6th Semester

Sem VI Biopharmaceutics II SVBII Download
Sem VI Medicinal Chemistry II SVMCII Download
Sem VI Pharmaceutical Analysis II SVPAII Download
Sem VI Pharmaceutics IV SVPI Download
Sem VI Pharmacognosy IV SVPI Download

SGBAU B.Pharm 2019 Summer 7th Semester

Sem VII Medicinal Chemistry III SVMCIII Download
Sem VII Pharmaceutical Analysis III Old SVPAIIIO Download
Sem VII Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence SVPJ Download
Sem VII Pharmaceutics V Old SVPO Download
Sem VII Pharmacognosy III SVPIII Download
Sem VII Pharmacognosy V SVP Download

SGBAU B.Pharm 2019 Summer 8th Semester

Sem VIII Clinical Pharmacotherapeutics SVCP Download
Sem VIII Communication Skills SVCS Download
Sem VIII Medicinal Chemistry IV SVMCI Download
Sem VIII Pharmaceutical Analysis IV SVPAI Download
Sem VIII Pharmaceutics VI SVPV Download
Sem VIII Pharmacognosy VI SVPV Download



If you face trouble opening any of the question paper or if you need any other paper, please drop us a mail to with subject, university, semester  details. We will send you the papers.


Above Question Papers Are Applicable To The Below Colleges Which Are Affiliated To Sant Gadge Baba Amravati university/Amravati Universit [SGBAU]


Shri Gurudatta Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha’s Institute of Pharmacy
Shri Shivaji College of Arts, Commerce and Science
Akola Law College – ALC
Bhonsla College of Engineering and Research
Mahila Utakarsha Pratishthan’s Institute of Pharmacy
Shankarlal Khandelwal Arts, Science and Commerce College
Shri Shivaji Education Society’s Amravati College of Engineering and Technology
Smt. Laxmibai Radhakishan Toshniwal College of Commerce
Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh College of Law
Dr. Rajendra Gode Institute of Technology and Research – IBSS College of Engineering
Dr. Sau Kamaltai Gawai Institute of Engineering and Technology – KGEIT
HVPM P.G. Department of Computer Science and Technology
Indira Bahuuddeshiya Shikshan Santa, Buldhana’s College of Engineering
Kesharbai College of Education
Late Shivramji Hiwse B.Ed. College
Laxminarayan Grawal Memorial Institut of Technology
GH Raisoni College of Engineering and Management
GH Raisoni Institute of Management Studies
Mahatma Jyotiba Fule Mahavidyalaya
Mahila Arts and Commerce College
Nanibai College of Education
P.R. Pote Patil College of Engineering and Management
P.R. Pote Patil College of Pharmacy
Prof. Ram Meghe College of Engineering and Management
Shree H.V.P. Mandal’s Degree College of Physical Education
Shree Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal’s College of Engineering and Technology
Shri R.R. Lahoti Science College
Shri Shivaji Arts and Commerce College
Shri Shivaji College of Education
Shri Shivaji College of Physical Education
Prof. Ram Meghe Institute of Technology and Research – RMITR
Shahid Bhagat Singh College of Physical Education
Shri Shivaji Science College
Shri Vasantrao Naik Mahavidyalaya
Sipna College of Engineering and Technology – SCET
Smt. Kesharbai Lahoti Mahavidyalaya
Takshashila Mahavidyalaya
Vidya Bharati Mahavidyalaya
Vidyabharati College of Pharmacy
Abhinav College of Education
Anuradha College of Pharmacy
Anuradha Engineering College
Pankaj Laddhad Institute of Technology and Management Studies
Shree Sant Gajanan Maharaj College of Pharmacy
Shri Dyaneshwar Maskuji Burungale Science and Art College
Shri Pundlik Maharaj Mahavidyalaya
Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj College of Engineering – SSGMCE
Padm. Dr. VB Kolte College of Engineering – VBKCOE
Smt. Surajdevi Ramchand Mohata Mahila Mahavidyalaya
Sant Gajanan Maharaj College of Engineering
Rajarshi Shahu College of Engineering – RSCE
Sanmati Law College – SLC
Savitribai Phule Mahila Mahavidyalaya
Shri Balaji Adhyapak Mahavidyalaya
Shri Saraswati College of Social Work
Adarsh Adhyapak Mahavidyalaya
Sanmati College of Education
Sanmati Engineering College
SSSKR Innani Mahavidyalaya
Gopikabai Sitaram Gawande Mahavidyalaya
Gunwantrao Deshmukh College of Education
Dr. Bhausaheb Nandurkar College of Engineering and Technology
Jagadambha College of Engineering and Technology
P. Wadhwani College of Pharmacy
Shivshakti Arts and Commerce College
Jawaharlal Darda Institute of Engineering and Technology
Amolakchand Mahavidyalaya
Arts and Commerce College
Babasaheb Naik College of Engineering
Dayabhai Patel College of Physical Education
Dr. Babasaheb Nandurkar College of Physical Education – BNCPE



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