MBBS PPT 1st Year, 2nd Year, 3rd Year and Final Year (Medical Powerpoint presentation Templates)

We uploaded MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) all subjects 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year and final year medical powerpoint presentation Templates (medical PPT)

  • MBBS Last 10 year Question Papers 2011- 2021 – for All Universities
  • Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS) MBBS Last 10 year Question Papers 2011- 2021
  • Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences (NTRUHS) MBBS Last 10 year Question Papers 2011- 2021
  • Baba Farid University of Health Sciences (BFUHS) MBBS Last 10 year Question Papers 2011- 2021
  • MBBS Lecture PPT Presentation with Examples and Lecture Notes   Download

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ABG and Acid Base Disorders AABD Download
Acute Pancreatitis AP Download
Adrenal Cortex AC Download
Adrenal Function Tests AFT Download
Arches of the Foot ATF Download
Automation in the Clinical Laboratory AITCL Download
Calcium and Phosphate CP Download
Cancer Download
Case Studies Related to Jaundice and Liver Disorders CSRJLD Download
Cell Cycle CC Download
Chemistry of Nucleotide CN Download
Cranial Nerves CN Download
CRF Download
Deep Fascia of the Neck DFTN Download
Diabetes Mellitus DM Download
Digestive System I DS Download
Digestive System II DSII Download
Digestive System III DSIII Download
DNA Damages and Repair DDR Download
DNA Function DF Download
DNA Replication DR Download
Duodenum Download
Electron Transport Chain ETC Download
Electrophoresis Download
ELISA Download
Endocrine System ES Download
Extracelular Matrix 3 EM Download
Extrahepatic Biliary Apparatus EBA Download
Extraocular Muscles EM Download
Face Download
Facial Nerve FN Download
Female Reproductive System FRS Download
Femur Download
Front of the Thigh FTT Download
Gastric Function Tests I GFT Download
Genetic Code and Mutation GCM Download
Glucocorticoids Download
Gout Download
Hormone 1 Download
Hormone 2 Download
Hormone 3 Download
Hyperlipidemia Download
Hypothyroidism Download
Ileum Download
Innervation of the Lower Limb ITLL Download
Integumentary System Skin ISS Download
Introduction of the Leg ITL Download
Ion Selective Electrodes ISE Download
Kidney Ureter and Suprarenal Gland KUSG Download
Knee Joint KJ Download
LFT Download
Lumbar Vertebrae LV Download
Lymphatic System LS Download
Male Reproductive System MRS Download
Medial Side of the Thigh MSTT Download
Methods for the Isolation of DNA MFTID Download
Myocardial Infarction MI Download
Nephrotic Syndrome NS Download
Nerve Download
Nervous Tissue NT Download
Nucletde Metablsm NM Download
Nutrition Download
Nutritional Indices of Protein NIP Download
Objective Type Questions OTQ Download
Olfactory Nerve ON Download
Optic Nerve Visual Pathway ONVP Download
Orbital Connective Tissue and Fat OCTF Download
Pancreas and Portalvin PP Download
Paper Chromatography Download
Parathyroid Hormone PH Download
Pelvis Download
Perineum Download
Physiology of Micturition PM Download
Popliteal Fossa and Arteries of Thigh PFAT Download
Portal Vein PV Download
Post Translational Processing PTP Download
Prostate Download
Proteinurea Download
Pyrimidine Download
Recombinant DNA Technology RDT Download
Rectum and Anal Canal RAC Download
Regulation of Gene Expression RGE Download
Renal Failure RF Download
Renal Function Test RFT Download
Skin Diseases Handbook SDH Download
Skin Superficial Fascia and Deep Fascia SSFDF Download
Sole of the Foot STF Download
Spinal Cord SC Download
The Feed Fast Cycle TFFC Download
The Skull TS Download
The Tibia TT Download
Thin Layer Chromatography TLC Download
Thyroid Download
Trafficking of Protein I TP Download
Trafficking of Protein II TPII Download
Trafficking of Protein III TPIII Download
Trafficking of Protein IV TPI Download
Trafficking of Protein V TP Download
Translation Download
Trigeminal Nerve TN Download
Urinary Bladder UB Download
Urinary System US Download
Uterus Download
Vaccine Download
Vitamin C Download
Vitamin E Download
Vitamin K Download
Water and Electrolyte Balance WEB Download
Xenobiotic Download

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