MBBS Physiology Notes-Topic Wise (Physiology PPT Presentations)

We uploaded MBBS latest 2022 1st year (first year), 2nd Year (second year), 3rd year (third year) and 4th year (final year) Physiology lecture notes (mbbs Physiology ppt notes). These lecture notes are very useful to all medical students.mbbs notes

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MBBS Physiology Notes Topic wise

1 Renal Nephron RN Download
10 Endocine Introduction EI Download
11 Adrenal Medullary Hormones AMH Download
12 Pancreatic Hormones PH Download
13 Hormonal Control of Calcium And Phosphate Metabolism Download
14 Cardiac Cycle CC Download
15 Heart Sounds And Murmurs HSM Download
16 Cns I Sensory CS Download
17 Synapse Download
18 Pain Download
19 Acid Base Regulation ABR Download
2 Renal Body Fluids RBF Download
20 Excretory System ES Download
22 Potassium Balance PB Download
23 Urine Concentration UC Download
24 Nerve Muscle Physiology Introduction NMPI Download
25 Nerve Muscle Physiology Nerve Classification Download
26 Nerve Muscle Physiology Neurotransmitters Download
27 Nerve Muscle Physiology Potentials Across The Membrane Download
28 Nerve Muscle Physiology Skeletal Muscles Download
29 Nerve Muscle Physiology Smooth Muscles Download
3 Renal Gfr And Rbf RGR Download
30 Nerve Muscle Physiology Synapse Download
31 Action Potential AP Download
32 Cardiac Cycle CC Download
33 Cardiovascular System CS Download
34 Dyamics Of Respiration Composition Ventilation Download
35 Elastic Properties of Lung And Pulmonary Ventilation Download
36 Electrocardiography Part 1 EP Download
37 Electrocardiography Part 2 EP Download
38 Experimental Methods Nerve EMN Download
39 Functional Anatomy of Respiratory System FARS Download
4 Renal Gfr And Rbf RGR Download
40 General Physiology GP Download
41 Hematology Functions of Plasma Proteins HFPP Download
42 Homeostasis Download
43 Introduction Respiratory System IRS Download
44 Introduction To General Physiology IGP Download
45 Blood Cells Platelets BCP Download
46 Hematology Blood Composition And Function HBCF Download
47 Anemia Download
48 Hematology Blood HB Download
49 Hematology Blood Transfusion HBT Download
5 Tubular Processes TP Download
50 Hematology Normal HN Download
51 Hemoglobinopathies Download
52 Hematology Download
53 Wbcs Download
54 Hematology Immunity 1 Download
55 Hematology Immunity 2 Download
56 Hematology Immunity 3 Download
57 Hematology Rbcs HR Download
58 Hematology Erythropoiesis Download
59 Hematology Hb Synthesis Download
6 Growth Hormone Download
60 Hematology Iron Metabolism Download
61 Loh Dct LD Download
62 Membrane Transport MT Download
63 Plasma Proteins PP Download
64 Properties of Cardiac Muscle Part 1 Download
65 Properties of Cardiac Muscle Part 2 Download
67 Molecular Mechanism of Muscle Contraction Download
68 Structure Skeletal Muscle Download
69 The Cell TC Download
7 Thyroid Hormones TH Download
70 Type Of Nerve Fibers TNF Download
8 Pituitary Hormones PH Download
9 Mech Of Hormone Actn MHA Download
Renal Physiology – Introductory RPI Download
Tubular Reabsorption and Secretion TRS Download

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